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Jan 19, 2010 06:59 PM

West Coast Chicken n Noodles?

Does anyone know where to get homemade chicken n noodles? Not chicken soup but chicken n noodles that you would find in the south or the Midwest?

It seems like no one out here has even heard of them!

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  1. Moffett's in Arcadia

    Moffett's Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe
    1409 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I was just going to say the same thing, Burger. I was there on Monday night and got the Chicken Pot Pie. The person at the table across from me ordered the Chicken and Noodles and it looked really good. Lots of chunks of chicken on top. MMMMMMM... I have thought of ordering the C&N there several times, but can't get past their chicken pot pies (there is one waiting for me in the fridge for tonight's dinner)!

      1. re: WildSwede

        Just reminded me of how much I miss the other Moffett's, Henry Moffett's on Lakewood. The one in Arcadia is ALMOST as good, and certainly the best we old-fashioned chicken lovers can do now that Henry's is history. The other chicken dishes there were so good I never actually got around to ordering the pot pie, though I had a bite or two of Mrs. O's and it was wonderful.

        1. re: WildSwede

          I took a ton of food to some friends who had suffered a loss in the family and everyone went nuts for the C&N and the pot pies. It is a great place and reasonable.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            AND you can get their pot pies unbaked, so you can take them home and throw them in the freezer. Straight white or mixed dark & white meat chicken with gravy... no veggies in those pies. Their soups are also really good.

            1. re: WildSwede

              You are preaching to the choir. I got 8 in the freezer now!

              1. re: WildSwede

                I just wish you could get all DARK meat; I'd pay extra for that for sure. Said that in jest to the waitress one day and she said, "Yup, me too!"

            2. re: WildSwede

              WildeSwede the chicken & noodles *are* good. I would definately reccomend Moffets. I also loved their pot pies and dessert pies.

              1. re: SeaCook

                Thanks SeaCook! I need to break away from the pot pie and try it for once. I just had dinner last night at Vietnam House which is in the same shopping center and for a second thought about going to Moffetts, but Pho won that round!

                1. re: WildSwede

                  I wonder what time you went. I was there around 4:45 - 5pm to pick up said noodles from Moffets to go. I saw Vietnam House and made a mental note of it to try it. Could we have been in the same place at the same time and not know it? (Twilgiht Zone theme music)

          2. They serve really good "Chicken and egg noodles" at DuPar's at the Farmer's Market on 3rd street and Fairfax in Los Angeles. They also have the ultimate dessert to enjoy afterwards: Gooseberry pie!

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            1. re: bagdoodle

              Sorry, that DuPar's is gone. A burger place will be opening there.

              1. re: vickie2172

                DuPar's is not gone, Nancy Silverton's hamburger stand is only taking over DuPar's outdoor bakery area in the back.

                1. re: wienermobile

                  Two pieces of good news in a row! Although I'll miss the pie stand... well, that just gives me a good excuse to go inside, if I need one.

            2. La Palma Chicken Pie Shop has it...a thicker entree version of their chicken noodle soup I believe.

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              1. re: Tapeworm

                I think they closed 1 or 2 years ago.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  Don't scare me like that. I phoned and La Palma Chicken Pie Shop (Anaheim) is still in business.

                  1. re: Professor Salt

                    I am sorry sorry. It was the other Moffett's. Sorry Professor, my memory is going.........

              2. Thanks everyone! I will have to check them all out and see which ones "takes me home."