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Jan 19, 2010 06:57 PM

Where can I buy pasta flour on line that won't break the bank?

I live in a small town in Southern Illinois. You can't find a lot of the flours I would like to have to make pasta. Bob's Red Mill has Semolina, it is $3.69 for 2 pounds. I found Durum Flour at an international food market only to find it was Atta Durum Flour. I made pasta with it anyway. Surprisingly it was very good. Would like to find Ferena "00" flour. Have read posts that says AP is just as good, but to me it taste more like a dumpling since I use AP for them. Also, was looking for a brand of egg that has a deep yellow yolk. Organic Cage free are darker than the normal ones, but not as dark as some of the instructional video's I have seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Don't think you can, on line it's all high dollar and with shipping pretty much cost prohibitive.

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      Ok. But where can I find the "00" flour to try. Even on line I would try it once. Like I said I live in Southern Illinois. 3 hours east of St. Louis, 50 miles west of Evansville, IN. In the middle of nowhere. I have used white lily it is my flour of choice for biscuits and dumplings. I did make my first pasta with it since it was all I can find around here.

      What is the difference between "00" flour and durum flour? And how about the Italian style flour made by King Arthur? UGGGH so many things I want to try.

    2. Do not think that fresh egg pasta made with American flours are inferior. My favorite flour for pappardelle or tagliatelle is unbleached bread flour. It has a nice resilience. I wouldn't consider durum semolina for egg pasta -- it works best with water and high-pressure extrusion.

      On the other hand, tipo 00 makes a lighter and even fluffy pasta -- something you might want if you were making spaghetti with a chitarra, or even a ravioli. Try White Lily (if it still exists?) and see if you like that.

      As for yolks -- hens that are allowed to forage for insects will produce orange yolks. They're very hard to find (try to make friends with someone who raises hens!).

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        By the way, my favorite resource for making pasta is the Dean & Deluca cookbook. There is a fine discussion listing the various types of flours and the pasta that will result.

      2. Using only semonlina for pasta flour...I don't recommend. I mix semonlina in with all purpose flour.