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Jan 19, 2010 06:27 PM

Where can I find lucuma?

I tried lucuma at the Fancy Food Fest last summer and loved it and was wondering where I might be able to find fresh lucuma or lucuma puree?

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  1. check the local Peruvian & Latin grocers - you may find frozen pulp there. you can also contact these guys to see if you can get it from them in consumer-friendly amounts as opposed ot commerical/bulk packages:

    and there are numerous online sources for various lucuma products, though most are powder or freeze-dried: also has the Navitas brand powder.

    1. Try the freezer case at Rio Bonito, 32-86 47th St., Astoria. I'm reasonably sure I've seen it at other Brazilian markets in Astoria, too.

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        1. question did you ever find the lucuma puree in new york.. i've been searching everywhere i even went to all the markets in jackson heights let me know

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            I found it once at Puro Chile several years ago and checked to see if they had it yesterday but, alas, they did not. They said they would try to order it though. I couldn't even find lucama puree in Peru when I went there recently and they grow lucama!

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              your the best thankyou! thats just down the road from me, hope they get in!!
              ohhh i love peru! thats crazy about the pulp such a short season that the fruit is around too.. nov and dec apparently!

          2. did you ever find the lucuma puree?? i've been searching everywhere everywhere and everywhere.. jackson heights etc let me know