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Jan 19, 2010 06:13 PM

Kid-friendly Italian Queens

Any recs for a classic Italian restaurant where our 2 year toddler would piss off as few people as possible. Not too expensive if possible.


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  1. I'm a little leary about endorsing a restaurant for someone who describes their 2-yr-old as apparently likely to piss off, but Manducati's Rustica in LIC is unusually kid-friendly because of its spaciousness and low-key quality, IMO. The calzone is amazing, the pasta specials are reliably very good.

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    1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

      Thanks. You made it sound like I'm a bad parent. Just being realistic.. Let's face it, not many adults out for a quiet meal Saturday night are especially eager to share the restaurant with a noisy 2-year old.

      We ended up at Il Poeta on Metropolitan Blvd. As soon as we stepped in my son wanted out, so I ended up walking around with him for 30 minutes till the rest of the family ordered and had dinner. Food was good, we had:
      - Tagliolini del Poeta , very good
      - Penne al Salmone Affumicato, good, nothing special
      - Pollo spezzatino con olive, capperi , pomodoro ciliegino in salsa alla senape - again, very good.
      - the bread and the olive oil spread from the house were very good as well.

      Il Poeta
      98-04 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

      1. re: csabi26

        My four year old is a saint and my two year old is, well a toddler. We go to a lot of Korean restaurant not because we love the food but because they are very kids friendly. They always smile even though my two year old is spilling water/food everywhere.
        We like Il Vesuvio in Whitestone for Italian. There food is excellent and they are very friendly. There's always kids and the waiters are nice. We always order a platter of frito misto the second we sit down so there is something to keep the toddler occupy while we try to order and eat.