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Jan 19, 2010 06:04 PM

rosamunde in the mission

yesterday rosamunde opened their new venture in the mission. i swung by today for lunch. its in the space previously occupied by cafe arguello, and before that it was a jack in the box, by 24th street bart. the new space has tables, many tap and bottled beers, four barrel coffee, etc. they've expanded their menu, adding split pea soup after 11AM, a salad with walnuts and blue cheese. there is also a breakfast sandwich option served until 11AM, with "sausage, poached egg, cheddar."

i had the beer sausage with kraut and onions, and i brought my friend the bratwurst with onions and beef chili, which i believe is a new topping? no? very satisfying lunch. oh and they have "cheese and meat boards" but the menu doesn't elaborate.

nice open space, friendly staff.

having trouble linking. Rosamunde Sausage Grill, 2832 Mission St., San Francisco 94110

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    1. re: vulber

      a lot. 20+ on tap, more in bottles. drawn widely from belgium, germany, california, and the lower 48. and the UK.

      i actually went back for a dinner sausage (hungarian smoked pork) and there was a sign board up for the meat and cheese platter. it said garlic sausage, country pate, and a gouda. said they were out of cheese, but apparently not gouda.

      1. re: augustiner

        Do you know how late they are open? I never could fathom why a place serving the quintessential late-night snack closes at 10.

        1. re: bigwheel042

          The hours are on the restuarant record link
          Mon-Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
          Sat-Sun. 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

      2. re: vulber

        Here's the beer list on their website

        The restaurant link was missing. I haven't been able to link for months. It seems the only way to link is by doing a review. Anyway, I added the record to the database.

        I wonder what German baked beans would be.

        1. re: rworange

          Was in last night. There are 22 draughts, and two taps that will eventually be used for wine, according to the bartender. Most of the list is pretty common stuff, but they're working on getting some more offbeat/seasonal brews (they have a great Avery Dugana Double IPA on right now for $6). Oh, and the currywurst is the steal on the food menu at (an undocumented) $3.75.

          1. re: beerandpork

            The currywurst is NOT currently $3.75 - it was priced at the same $6 as most of the other sausages when I ordered it today. Considering it doesn't come with bread like the others do, it's actually at the low end value-wise at this price. I suspect that the lower price was an opening week deal only, which makes me wonder if getting 4 sausages on a "two sausage plate" was also a limited-time thing.

            Edit: the online menu says that the roll is supposed to come on the side, so maybe that was just a screwup on their part tonight?

            1. re: bigwheel042

              Definitely a screw up. I had the curry wurst the other day and it came with bread on the side, and good bread at that. But they did charge me for grilled onions, which was a screw up (two free toppings).

              1. re: david de berkeley

                Yeah, I got the curry wurst and they warned that it did not come with bread, but that was a couple of days after they opened. I felt that it was kind of a snack and not really a meal. Maybe enough people requested bread that they made it standard?

      3. Do you know if they are doing Tuesday (or other day) Burgers?

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        1. re: psb

          According to a Yelp poster, no. There is some plan for some other special unamed thing.

        2. The beef chili has been available @ the original location since it opened. It may not be on the menu board, however.

          1. We went today. Important to note: CASH ONLY

            1. stopped by for an early dinner tonight at 5:30, place was pretty empty tho it started to fill as we were leaving. i ordered the two-sausage plate, which is actually FOUR sausages - two of each kind - on top of baked beans with a small side salad and four slices of baguette. I had the merguez and the wild boar with apples. The merguez was standard but very tasty, but the wild boar was scrumptuously juicy. i couldn't really detect the apple taste but the meat had a nice smokiness to it. just bursting with juices. my SO had a single spicy beer sausage topped with beef chili and saurkraut on a roll, a pairing he admitted didn't really work, and he thought the dog was just regular, and the chili rather bland. He thought the quality of dogs was not even up to par with Top Dogs, which i think are overrated. i had a bite of his and thought it was fine, just not my cup of tea. i liked my bakes beans, very mildly sweet with carmelized onions which went well with the spiced sausages, and the dressing on the salad - a balsamic vinegraitte - was fine. the cheese and meat board tonight (which we didn't get) was soppresata, a pate, and blue cheese. I thought my plate was worth the $12. The fries looked good. I liked the space, very woodsy-hipsterish Mission, with a DJ just coming on board as we were leaving. I liked it, and I'd go back.