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Jan 19, 2010 04:20 PM

Pimento cheese (spread) from the South

I was on a quick trip to the south this weekend and ate some pimento cheese; is there anywhere in LA i can find this? I'm having a serious craving.

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  1. Of course you can make your own, but I have seen the packaged pimiento cheese at Ralphs. They are in the same section as cheese spreads (i,e, Alouette).

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    1. re: SouthernFoodie08

      Is that real Southern-style pimento cheese, now? The stuff I had when I was a kid in the Midwest was some kind of Neufchatel with chopped pimento in it, unlike the Southern style (like Mrs. Grissom's, from Nashville) that's ground-up cheese and pimento all kind of beaten together with some sort of kinda sweet dressing to bind it, probably Miracle Whip or something equally gross, but it's addictive. I'll have to go look at the label...

      1. re: Will Owen

        Our family recipe for basic pimiento cheese is grated medium cheddar or colby, chopped pimientos and good mayonnaise. Season to taste with any combination of the following; salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika, celery salt, garlic powder, Tabasco sauce. No one that I know uses Miracle Whip.

        1. re: decolady

          I think my vote goes to you, although I'll bet Mrs. Grissom's does use Miracle Whip. Authentic is as authentic does...

          1. re: Will Owen

            Thanks. I've never had Mrs. Grissoms brand, so I can't judge what might be in it. I do notice that many of the commercial brands of pimiento cheese taste sweeter than what people make at home. Our recipe was handed down at least from my great-grandmother who hailed from Louisiana. Originally the mayonnaise was homemade (and her recipe for that is wonderful), but I typically use Hellman's.