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Jan 19, 2010 03:37 PM

Where to find frozen/fresh Ramen Noodles?

I am in West LA near SM. But i can also have them purchased by my husband who works in Hollywood.

I have been to Mitsuwa on Centinela and also to the Nijya market on Sawtelle, both places were out of the Ramen noodles, only thick Udon and Ramen with flavor packets remained.

I am making my own from Takashi's Noodles cookbook, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can find Chinese style wheat noodles by themselves. But Japanese ramen noodles by themselves? Never seen that in retail packages in a supermarket. Is there a problem with using the packaged noodles and tossing the soup flavor packets?

    I guess another option is to go to a ramen shop and ask for a few clumps of their fresh noodles. They might look at you funny, but they'll probably sell you some.

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      I guess i just don't want to pay extra for something i will just throw away.

      If it comes down to it, i will, but i would rather do a bit of searching before settling on that option.

    2. I saw this on another post from a related topic
      "you can buy fresh, handmade soba noodles at ichimi-an on pch.
      i'm pretty sure the ramen-ya of your choice would be happy to oblige."

      I have heard great things about this restaurant--it's in the almost Palos Verdes portion of Torrance and they handmake their noodles there so most likely they might sell you some if you want to make the trek.

      1. Nijiya has ramen noodles without the flavor packet. I was there yesterday and bought just that since I was making my own soup.

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        1. re: gordo26

          i guess they had run out everywhere when i was shopping for it!
          will look there next time i make some.

        2. Might want to check 99 Ranch Market or Marukai

          1. You can use the noodles from a package of Yakisoba. Even though they called them "Yakisoba noodles" they aren't soba noodles, they are ramen noodles. Most Asian markets and standard markets that carry a limited supply of fresh Asian ingredients carry them.