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Jan 19, 2010 03:10 PM

Where can I eat South German food?

I recently spent time in Berlin, and loved eating south German at this Swabian restuarant in Mitte (


But am back in Montreal and craving Spaetzle and Flammkuchen! Are there any good south german restaurants here?

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  1. That food is very similar to Alsatian food, on the opposite bank of the Rhine, but even though Alsace is French, I don't know any Alsatian restaurants in Montréal. Le Bourlingueur claims to be, but I fear it is probably far too generic French for your South-German cravings.

    And I don't know any Swabian restos hereabouts. You might be more likely to find Bavarian or Austrian, but that is different too, as it is farther East and has those influences.

    Certainly hope someone has a better idea!

    1. The best Spätzle in MTL you can get at the Petit Munich in Pierrefonds, they even sell them at their meat counter.
      Flammkuchen you can get at the 3 Brasseurs restaurants, there are a few in MTL.
      Another alternative for Spätzle is the Vieux Kitzbuhel on Ile Perrot, its an Austrian restaurant.
      Schönen Gruss!

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        Not sure about Flammkuchen, but by far the best and most authentic Black Forest Cake in Montreal is at Vienna Swiss Pastry in Pointe Claire! Real sour cherries layered in moist chocolate cake. Absolutely delicious! I've gone there for years after a Hungarian friend recommended that my family go there. The lady who owns the shop looks like your homely teutonic grandma right from Europe. Her husband used to be the baker until he passed away years ago, but the quality is still the same. Guten Appetit!

        1. re: Jasper1

          is the owner Austrian or German ?

            1. re: lagatta

              Actually, I'm not sure! I know she speaks German, but never asked.

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                OK, thanks - I will ask her whenever I will go.

      2. The original comment has been removed