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Jan 19, 2010 02:21 PM

Italian restaurant near Sofitel in Philly

Hi there! I am looking for an italian restaurant that is close by to the Sofitel in Philly. Have already tried Davios. We would prefer a restaurant with a bar, but would consider a BYOB if it's excellent italian. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. You are at 100 s 17th, at 600 N 14th ( Broad) is Osteria, 7 blocks; at 13th and Spruce (300 S)is Vetri, 6 blocks, end of story

    1. We really enjoyed LeCastagne.

      1. Osteria is a great recommendation, but it's more a cab ride than a walk away.

        Melograno is a fantastic Italian BYOB very nearby. They are closed Mondays, accept reservations only Tues-Thurs & Sun, and there can be a wait for a table on Fri and Sat. But the cooking is very good and the prices reasonable (entrees in the low 20s).

        There are other places nearby that I've heard praised--Branzino, Caffe Casta Diva, Porcini, Salento--but I don't know these places first-hand, so we'll have to count on input from others. Also, I think all these places are BYO, and I'd imagine none are as good as Melograno.

        It might help to know a bit more about what kind of Italian place you're looking for--what your price range is, how strongly you value authenticity, whether you'd prefer a more classic or contemporary style of cooking, etc. Then we could really narrow it down.

        1. (Sorry about the strange double-post above. I guess I'm still figuring out how to edit...)

          1. We like Branzino, which is very close to the Sofitel. However, it is byob.

            Places like Vetri or Osteria would be a short cab ride - not expensive. Vetri is actually walking distance - if you could get a reservation.

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              Just fyi - I went to open table the other day and looked for a reservation at Vetri for my anniversary in early Feb. While I couldn't get that day (a thursday) there were days between then and early feb that were available (about 5). Nothing at 7:30 but there were openings!