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Jan 19, 2010 02:04 PM

Passover Catering in Westchester?

Bow-wow, Hounders. I know it's early but can you send me to any great caterers or take-out seders? Glatt kosher not necessary.

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  1. Same question. Any information on this?

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      Cara tennenbaum...960-9258.
      she used to own quarropas restaurant and the take out gourmet shop next door(15 years ago) she is now doing catering only- has ALWAYS done all of the Jewish holidays and has customers for 25 years.

    2. Supersol, the kosher market in Scarsdale, has a complete Passover menu (their gefilte fish is world-class). Colonial Terrace, the catering establishment in Peekskill, does kosher catering both in-house and out of their mansion. We used them for our bar/bat mitzvot and for an at-home reception and they were excellent.

      1. avril kaye, standing room only, plum, harstdale cheesery

        1. Sammy's Kosher in bedford Hills has an in house caterer

          1. standing room only....