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Jan 19, 2010 01:54 PM

Cohn restaurants- if you had to choose one (SD)

No, it's not a rhetorical question.

The in-laws bought us a certificate to any Cohn restaurant and I have very little experience with them, so I'm not sure where to use it. The one I'm most familiar with is Corvette Diner and my most recent experience involved the server taking a big fistful of straws (about 20-30) and throwing them all, overhand and end-first, into my face as I looked at the menu. Since she was standing about 2 feet from me, it sucked to get nailed in the eye with a straw. My dining companions and I apparently didn't find that funny, so she and another server harassed us for a good five minutes. Towards the end of our mediocre meal, she grabbed a fistful of Bazooka bubblegum and threw it at our table... most of the pieces ended up in our food... that we were still eating.

So, no Corvette Diner, because a repeat of that experience might result in some Jersey Shore-esque fighting.

Given all of the other ones... Island Prime... Kemo Sabe... the Strip Club (I've been to the downtown one once)... and all of the others... where would you go?

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  1. Great question.

    How much do I dislike Cohn restaurants?

    I have had a $100 Cohn group gift certificate for 2 years and still haven't used it.

    If I was going to actually ever use it, I would go to the Prado, but only for drinks. I do like Balboa park.

    That being said, even the Prado's bar has a terrible set up.

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      You can order just apps with your cocktails in order to get an outside table. I have had a few good meals at Indigo Grill.

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        Ditto on Indigo Grill. I've enjoyed drinks appetizers there as well. Obviously, the view at Island Prime is world class, and if you order a burger on patio the experience is rather enjoyable.

    2. My wife, her mother and I had a terrible dinner at Kemo Sabe, but that was a few years ago, but based on that experience we swore off Kemo Sabe. We've been to the Prado and the food was decent, the service was pretty good.

      I guess that of all the restaurants that they own, I would go with Thee Bungalow. I'm sure that it's not as good as the old days, but I think that French Country cuisine would be much better than a place where you have to pay to cook your own steak, and the wine list would probably be better also.

      1. I have not been to all of their places but of the few that I have tried I like Kemo Sabe and Indigo Grill the best. I would probably say that Indigo has a more interesting menu. I know that a lot of people are not fans of the Cohn restaurants. Personally, I think some of their restaurants are enjoyable. I had a similar experience to you at Corvette and probably wouldn't go back there. I agree that it might not be the best food in town but they do some things well and it is certainly better than going to a chain restaurant.

        1. Thee Bungalow. Just based on Chef Celebration dinners the chef can create some good dishes.

          1. Island Prime for cocktails and view.

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              Good tip. That would be my second choice.