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Takashi's noodles-ramen trial.

i am a fervent fan of Ramen in all it's forms.

My husband got me this amazing cookbook and i am trying to make my own.

I braised my pork belly, pretty proud of that one.
I am making the chicken stock from scratch, i have all the ingredients needed for a Shio and Shoyu Ramen.

My only worry are the noodles i bought.

The recipe calls for Frozen Ramen noodles, no market neat me had any. Mitsuwa was out, Nijya was out as well. All i could find are Japanese style somen noodles.

Is that ok? If not what should i get and where would i find it? I live in west Los Angeles.

Thank you for any advice you may have!

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  1. Somen noodles are very different than ramen noodles - I'd keep looking if I were you. Some stores may have unfrozen ramen noodles in their refrigerated section, and you could use those. In a pinch you could use dried, but the fresh is much better (fresh or frozen).

    1. 99 Ranch markets sell fresh ramen noodles in their refrigerated section.

      1. I agree and would not substitute Somen noodles for Ramen noodles. If you can't find Ramen noodles anywhere else, try picking up a couple of packets of Ramen soup (they're often under a buck each) and toss out the flavor packet.

        1. The ramen recipe I use calls for dried chuka soba noodles. If you are not familiar with then, they are not the brownish wheat soba noodles but are light yellow and thin. It tasted ok when I used them and have bought more. good luck.

          1. In a pinch, I've used the yakisoba noodles found in almost any supermarket near the tofu and egg roll wrappers..

            1. oops, i didn't see this when i posted yesterday. what do you think of the takashi cookbook stock recipe? i've made it twice and think next time i want to switch to pork. (see my post yesterday for original issue). i'd be interested to know what you decided about the noodles though!

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                I have the book also. I have not tried his stock but will soon. when I make ramen from scratch, I use chuka soba noodles. They are not buck wheat noodles. They look and taste like ramen. You can get them at Mitsuwa and at some major supermarkets. like Ralphs. It depends on your neighborhood.

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                  sadly they deleted your post so i can't read back what you said!
                  In the end i used fresh ramen noodles that came with packets of dry bouillon. The noodles were just great. It was a case of all the stores near me running out at the same time.

                  I do want to make a nice pork bone broth, it's my favorite while out and about, i want to see what i can come up with at home.

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                    i posted really late & then it got buried, but you might find it here:

                    where did you get fresh ramen? is there a brand you recommend? i'll look for the chuka soba that bgazindad recommended, but i'm curious about fresh ramen too, since that's what's described in takashi's cookbook. i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one obsessing about ramen! :)

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                      I buy my fresh ramen at Ranch 99. they have a huge different type selection of fresh noodles

                      1. re: drtrvlr

                        i don't drive and i don't know of any close to where i live.
                        west LA/SaMo.

                        But i found some at the Nijya market eventually.