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Jan 19, 2010 01:26 PM

GTA Maple Syrup Suggestions - High quality & reasonably priced

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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  1. Noah's carries raw maple from Ont: 8.99/lb in the milk section. They also carry organic pre packaged versions (mostly canadian) and all decently priced. I know there is a vendor @ the Green Barns Market @ st. clair, that carries maple from a growers co-op. Loblaws also carries PC organic grade "b" hope that helps!

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    1. re: zed1984

      What is raw maple? Are they selling sap? Or perhaps I misunderstood you and you are referring to bulk?

      Buying from the farm gate can be one way of enjoying a "single source" syrup and supporting local maple producers. And while they may not be certified organic they may be willing to discuss their sugarbush management, collection and processing methods with you which you can't do at a store. It's also the way to get some Amber Grade 2 if that's the taste you prefer. In fact I always thought that was the only way you could get it. You learn something new every day!

      1. re: dory

        I get mine from a producer in Simcoe county - just to throw in some pricing I think it's up to $30 for 2L.

        1. re: dory

          I think it's unpasturised and it's the very dark grade. It comes in those plastic mini buckets. It's from a farm nearby. I use it for baking and sometimes as sweetner. I prefer it to molasses or agave nectar.
          I am not wholly concerned with organic- prefer local and small production.

          1. re: zed1984

            Unpasteurized? All maple syrup has to be boiled.
            I have no Idea what Noah's is selling, as raw maple, and by the pound.

      2. After doing extensive comparison shopping, in terms of price the cheapest I have found is the vendor who sells it from a kiosk in front of the North Market at St. Lawrence on Saturday.

        I only shop downtown and its immediate vicinity at places accessible by foot, bike or TTC, to give you an idea of my sample size.

          1. re: Davwud

            If you can wait until March, go to Dufferin Grove Organic Market, Thursdays from 3-7pm. One of the stalls (Forbes I believe) sells fantastic maple syrup, including a very dark one that is incredible.

            1. re: poppygirl

              Just been to Forbes at Green Barn today. Their darkest one is #3 medium. $26 for 1L.

          2. i wouldn't mind knowing if these merchants sell dark or amber syrup (the tastier version, IMO, of maple syrup)

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            1. re: atomeyes

              You can buy dark maple syrup from the Big Carrot ( ). It comes in plastic bottles, chilled in the same fridge/chiller as the boxed salad and juices.

              It is cheaper than most golden maple syrups I can find and so, SO, SO much better. It is rich, flavourful, and less overtly sweet than other maple syrups. It has a slight bitter backnote that gives the syrup some complexity. Since I discovered this product, I have not bought another maple syrup (I might get a lighter syrup if I ate pancakes or waffles more).

              Great stuff. Darker than amber for sure.

            2. High quality and medium priced is 1 Litre medium Quebec at Costco for $15.