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Jan 19, 2010 01:26 PM

I am looking for a program where I can input a recipe..........

and it will give me the nutritional contents. I see a lot of them out there but so many give a different answer when I try them out with the same recipe. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

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  1. Are you a Mac user or a PC user?

    I don't know if you'll ever get the definitive calculation of nutrition or calories, but if you're a Mac user, MacGourmet has a plug in that will calculate the nutritional analysis for the ingredients and amounts you input to your recipe DB.

    I can't say I've mastered it but I'm an impulsive type who doesn't want to grapple with much of a learning curve. Still, you can try the DB and the plug in for 30 days for free and, thereafter, they maintain a website for addressing problems and soliciting suggestions for improvements.

    1. I use the SparkPeople recipe calculator. It may not be the most accurate but I've managed to lose weight while using it.

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        +1 I use which is sister site of sparkpeople. i love it b/c it saves my fav recipes in my "recipe box" so I can go back and easily reuse/find it - even from my phone.

      2. For the PC Living Cookbook is a great program. The database that comes with the program is the USDA nutritional database and the program allows you to add or modify ingredients.
        I use the program for my recipes and have updated the nutritional database with quite a few Korean and Japanese ingredients using sources such as package labels and a Japanese food database.

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        1. Thanks to all. Living Cookbook looks good - a little more than I need but seems the most accurate.

          1. I use Cook'n and love it. Check out