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Jan 19, 2010 01:23 PM

Dinner to impress near Canada Hockey Place?

Visiting in Feb and have tickets to an olympic hockey game. Will have my inlaws with me and to say thanks for the trip we want to take them out for a special dinner. I read through previous posts and found a few places that would suit (West, Cibo, La Buca) but really don't know Van at all and don't want to make a reservation for after the game only to find we need to treck to the other side of the city. Not concernd about cost but father in-law is picky and prefers Italian/French etc. Any suggestions nearby the Canada hockey place if possible greatly appreciated.

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  1. Assuming by Canada Hockey Place you mean GM Place, La Buca and West are far, Cibo is near (I feel like I'm on Sesame Street!). L'Altro Buca would be doable too but I'm thinking Cioppino's might suit if you're wanting to push the boat out and stay closer by. It would be walking or short cab ride.

    If you could confirm that is where you are seeing the game (not all hockey is there), we could give you more/better recs.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Yes Canada Hockey Place = GM Place. Just looked it up and that apparently is it's new Olympic name. Lucky building, it's such a creative name!

      1. re: CDS

        I agree Cioppino's might be right for Italian. For French, Le Crocodile might suit you and it is 1.5 km away from GM place.

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          Ah Canada Hockey Place = GM Place. I guess GM couldn't pony up the fees to the rights.

          Chambar is literally at its doorstep (assuming Belgian with French Middle-Eastern influenced cuisine is OK) . Campagnolo is a Skytrain stop away.

        2. re: grayelf

          I like the rec of CIoppino's, but do remember that you won't be taking any cabs anywhere - it's all traffic free downtown/yaletown from 6 AM to midnight.

        3. How old are the inlaws? Chambar is very close to GM Place and is fantastic. However, it is pretty loud so the old farts might not like that very much. Cioppino's and Le Crocodile are both great suggestions.

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            Good caveat on the acoustics at Chambar. waylman. Hard surfaces (walls, floors) everywhere. It is a better in the back section and can definitely be loud in the front "tunnel".

            1. re: fmed

              Thank you all for your suggestions. Very helpful!! Will check out the websites and then fingers crossed, we can make reservations.

          2. What about Provence Marinaside? I wonder if anyone has eaten there recently? I haven't, but my in-laws liked it and its pretty close. Thoughts?

            1. How's about the new Lupo Restaurant formally known as Villa Del Lupo. The previous chef/owner is once again running the restaurant. Haven't been but I do remember back in the days when he was the original chef and the food was fabulous. It's within walking distance to the arena.

              Campagnolo is a little further away but it's walkable. I'm not keen on the neighbourhood myself but others seem to love where it's situated.