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Las Vegas Steakhouses

We are going to Vegas to celebrate my dad's birthday and we are planning on taking him out for dinner. I'm looking for suggestions for the best steakhouse in terms of food. I'm not overly fussed about price but I don't want to pay for somebody's name if the food isn't good enough. I was leaning towards Joe's as it looks like good food, decent atmosphere and expensive enough to make you think you're getting a good night out.

I've plenty of time, but it's dad's 60th so I need to get it right. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I assume by Joe's your talking Joe's seafood and Prime steaks at Ceasars.

    I would also look into CUT, the steaks would be a little more. I think the Ribeye at Joe's is $37 ish probably low $40s at CUT but the dry aged ribeye there is to die for. If you go to CUT, besides great steak they have really good sides. I would not order one side per person it's too much food. You can easily get away with two sides for every three to four people.

    Also I would look at Sinatra, Charlie Palmer, and BOA.

    I think you will get a better dinner for a little more money (or a lot more if you go with Kobe beef)

    1. Cut is the best steakhouse in LV hands down. I just posted pics of my tasting menu there on another post. Check it out.

      1. I will agree with the above posters about the quality of the meat at CUT, but for your particular purpose Joe's might even be a better fit. We would put their quality of service up with any place on the strip, which creates an "old school" feel about the place. Someone celebrating a 60th birthday might particularly enjoy that. CUT has excellent food, but the decor and atmosphere can be a bit sterile.

        1. As someone else suggested, I would also consider Charlie Palmer (in the Four Seasons Hotel). It has a very nice, and important to me at least, QUIET atmosphere. You have a feeling of being miles from any casinos. We took a friend there recently for a 50th birthday celebration (she was visiting from back east) and she absolutely loved it....the food was delicious, the steaks were great, and she loved the quiet, elegant surroundings...

          1. #1: Charlie Palmer in Four Seasons (attached to Mandalay, but use Four Seasons entrance. Also a good bet for catching a cab if the Mandalay cab line is really long)

            #2: Craftsteak in MGM

            #3: N9NE in Palms, but may be a bit "hip" for Dad...

            Avoid StripSteak in Mandalay, not up to Mina's usually high standard.

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              Charlie Palmer Steak was the best steak dinner I have ever had...period. Everything was top notch from the glass of wine and cheese plate my wife and I shared in the bar before heading to our table on down to the dessert.

              I can't think of a more appropriate place to take a dad for his 60th.

            2. I suggest Lawrys House of Prime Rib. One of the best Prime Rib in Vegas and excellent service to boot. Very close to Flamingo Hotel.

              1. All these places serve really good MEAT. I suggest that you match your father's tastes to to the side dishes, booze and dessert lists to help you pick.

                I know of a woman who wanted to eat at a white linen steak house on her 65th. The answer was Prime. Birthday "girl" loved it even though Prime is not my first choice.

                I love the Scotch rock list @ Craftsteak. Their sides list makes my clan happier than CUT's sides and salads options. My wife also prefers brighter lighting which points us to Craftsteak over Prime. And we have been happier with the desserts @ Craftsteak. Big surprise, we like Craftsteak!

                So unless your father has some specific MEAT he wants to try, work backwards from his other preferences to make a good fit with the restaurant you choose.

                1. Funny you should ask. The Las Vegas Weekly just published a story on their list of the ten best steakhouses in Vegas.

                  For those of you who just want the list of the best:

                  9. N9NE
                  8. SW STEAKHOUSE
                  7. NERO’S
                  6. PRIME
                  5. STRIPSTEAK
                  4. DELMONICO
                  3. CRAFTSTEAK
                  2. CUT
                  1. CARNEVINO

                  Details can be found here:

                  And this search query will list all the steak restaurants in the Weekly's database. Very handy if you want to match a hotel or a neighborhood to a steakhouse.


                  1. Definitely Craftsteak. We went for my brother's birthday and we got the 3 course wagyu meal. It was amazing! There were 5 of us so we got 5 appetizers, 5 steaks, and 5 desserts. It's family style, so everyone gets to try a little bit of everything, which I really enjoyed. (especially at $130 a head...I'd like to try everything...). There was sooo much food, we could barely finish it. I was actually expecting everything to come out quite small, but the portions were HUGE. I thought it was worth every penny...I mean, I was full after the appetizers. To top it off, our waiter was really friendly and had very good knowledge of the menu. I had such an amazing experience there!!

                    1. Thanks for all your help. Some friends are going out before me so I've asked them to take on the onerous task of checking out some of the restaurants you've suggested. Hopefully that will narrow it down a bit further.

                      Much appreciated