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Jan 19, 2010 01:04 PM

How much roast meat?

Looking to do a spit-roast this summer and I am already in the planning stages. Thinking Pig or Goat.

Who out there has experience doing something like this for say, 50 people? What size animal should I consider? Do you know live weight? Dressed weight? This is ostensibly for profit so I need as exact a measure as you can come up with.

I know that we're talking about a big range here but some pointers will be gratefully received!

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  1. Before you begin calculating how much meat you'll need, make a decision as to what type of meat you'll want to roast. Bone density, ratio of fat to lean, etc. will make a difference. The difference for six or eight people might not be that significant, but for fifty you'll have to be more precise if you're engaged in a "for profit" venture and want to cut your losses to a minimum.

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        For dressed uncooked weight for 50 people, figure 1 1/2# per person. Average yield from 75# lb dressed pig is about 30 lbs cooked pork but yield can vary from pig to pig and you may even get that amount of cooked pork from a 50 lb pig. An 80 lb pig will easily feed 50 people. Dressed weight is about 70% of live weight so an 80 lb dressed pig will weigh out at 135-140 lbs live. Your purchased pig weight depends on what else you're serving, whether people are getting seconds, etc. You have to figure what your cooked serving size will be, 8 oz or more, etc. You have to cost out price per lb based on live weight, add in your other costs and markup and you'll have your per plate price. Or close to it.
        I went to a pig roast wedding once, what a blowout, a 50 lb pig for about 25 people, on a home-rigged hand-cranked spit, various salads, a keg of beer, pitchers of pina coladas and margaritas, loads of fun.

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          Very handy. Thank you.

          I have done several pigs myself but I never considered the math. This is great.