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Jan 19, 2010 01:02 PM

Lemon Sorbetta

Apparently there is a drink-like dessert served at many restaurants in Italy. It's called a Lemon Sorbetta, but we in Canada can't seem to find a recipe for it. Hopefully someone on this board can help.


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    1. Sorbetto is simply sherbet. The drink-like dessert or dessert-like drink is a sgroppino. Google the name; there are many different recipes out there, but the main ingredients are generally lemon sherbet, prosecco and vodka. A Roman friend made his with only lemon sherbet and vodka,

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          Sgroppino is made with lemon sorbet which has no dairy product (unlike the American style sherbert). The ingredients that I use are: 1 part lemon sorbet, 2 parts prosecco and 1/4 part grappa (vodka is more traditional). I just put the ingredients in a chilled bowl and quickly beat it with a whisk. Also, I like to garnish each serving with a small sprig of rosemary. Some versions have much more sorbet to prosecco which makes it much more like a dessert.

        2. i live in italy. at our cooking class today, we made this. here is the recipe:
          400 ml water
          200 g sugar
          150 ml fresh lemon juice

          1. make syrup. boil water and sugar, with a few strips of lemon skin (no whites) then stir continiously for about 20 min; let cool completely to room temp; remove lemon skins
          2. squeeze lemons (do this at the moment you plan to mix with syrup); fliter lemon juice through sieve; mix with sugar syrup.
          3. cover and freeze; serve in champagne glasses with curl of lemon peel, and mint leaf; or in hollowed-out lemons that have been frozen