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Jan 19, 2010 01:02 PM

Looking for casual, private room with great food

I am looking for a restaurant that can accommodate approximately 30-40 people in a private room for a wedding rehearsal dinner for this October, 2010. I live in Ohio but am planning the wedding in DC. So far, I'm not having much fun! Your help and guidance would be much appreciated.

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  1. Do you want to be in DC, outlying areas? How much would you like to spend per person? Any specific type of food you want or don't want?

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      Well, since the groom's family is not in a position to host this, we are paying for the wedding AND the rehearsal dinner. That said, I would love to keep it at a reasonable cost. I'm guessing that no matter where we go, it will still end up costing close to $100 per person though less would be great!

      I would love to stay in town, if possible, just for convenience sake of the guests. As for the food, I would like to keep it on the simple side. Good American or Italian fare, nothing too exotic or ethnic. I'm trying to achieve a rather intimate, laid-back dinner to contrast with the wedding which is more formal. Outdoor dining would be great too.

      Thanks so much for any input!

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        I'd check out Dino for good Italian. They have a few different private/semi-private room options:

        Firefly in Dupont might be another option for what you're looking for:

        Also, Old Ebbitt Grill has a several private rooms and menu options. The food isn't really anything special, but it has a nice quintessential DC feel:

        Good luck!!

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          Rules out what I could suggest (mostly out of the city) but hopefully those parameters will make it easier for people to make suggestions. Good luck with it!

      2. You might also try Brasserie Beck, Sea Catch, Zola and Sonoma. (Sea Catch and Sonoma have special events sections right on their websites that are very handy)

        1. Thanks for all the ideas. I will definitely follow-up with them. Has anyone eaten at Farmers and Fishers? They have some private dining and it seems very reasonably priced.

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            I haven't eaten there in a long time, but we had a birthday party there one night with about 28 people and they did a very good job. Everyone liked the food, there were a lot of menu options. Not the most creative food, but very good for a large group.