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Jan 19, 2010 12:21 PM

MSP/STP - Indian Grocery Store Near Roseville/Shoreview/North Oaks/Maplewood?

I'd like to get some indian groceries including fresh curry leaves (not sure if possible at this time of year?), Indian snacks and flour to make chapatis for a meal I'm planning.

Can anyone point me to an Indian grocery store that I might visit close to the Roseville / Shoreview/Arden Hills/Vadnais Heights/Maplewood area - I know that there are 2 in NE Minneapolis around the 18th Street and Central Avenue area but the other day, both were closed and both of them, from my visit a couple of years ago were pretty grungy.


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  1. I'm also in Shoreview and I don't know of anything nearer than the Central corridor in NE that you're referring to.

    1. Just south of 694 on Central is an Indian Grocery. Bombay 2 Deli used to be right off of 694 on Central, but they have since closed and moved. The new location (I think with a new name) is a few blocks south of there.

      I don't remember the name off hand, but, it is in one of the little strip malls in that area.

      Someone might know the name, otherwise take a drive by.

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        You're thinking of Pooja Grocers, which does carry all the basics, including fresh curry leaves. It's located on the West side of Central, at the shopping center where Central intersects 45th. In that same shopping plaza, there's a fantastic Korean deli / grocery store next to the Harbor Freight tools store.