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Jan 19, 2010 11:12 AM

Las Vegas Mid-Range

Just got back from a four-night trip and, since I use this board for pretty much any vacation, though it was time to start contributing:

Fiamma - we had the Winter Tasting Menu at the MGM-Grand's Fiamma Trattoria. Osso Bucco and then a black truffle fusilli w/ prosciutto. Excellent wine service (they didn't try to sell us on anything expensive), plus they opened up a spot in the back for us to get away from the smoke from the casino. Both main courses were outstanding. Highly recommend the calamari too as an app. They worked hard to make sure we enjoyed the meal.

Il Fornaio - walked across from the MGM for some fresh fruit and fresh baked pastries. Worth the walk. Coffee was good too.

Enoteca Antipasti Bar - another great chef's tasting. We split it and each got the wine pairings. A little of everything and plenty of food. Ate a little sushi that night at Ra to top it off.

Bouchon - white boudin and the gratin du jour. Simple, great breakfast. We thought about going back immediately.

Mon Ami Gabi - the best thing we tried was the mussels app. I recommend getting a bottle of "by the glass" Beaujolais for $28 and enjoying it with a bowl of soup and the mussels while watching the Bellagio fountains. Our waiter told us they turn the 2nd most tables in a year in Vegas behind only Tao. You can get better mains elsewhere.

The Wynn Buffet - good. Go at 10:30 and you can effectively have brunch by waiting on the lunch menu to come out at 11:00. They don't mind at all if you linger, and the $7 unlimited mimosas encourages that too.

Cafe BaBaReeba - really impressed with their spanish reds + tapas at happy hour. Bacon wrapped dates and the serrano ham and manchego plate were both great. Chicken empenada was good too.

Enjoyed all of the meals. The only "must do again" was Bouchon's breakfast. If I was in the Venetian in the afternoon, I would definitely enjoy Enoteca again but probably wouldn't make a special trip. Hope that helps!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, Wade. Sounds like you did well.

    1. I second Bouchon!! We just got back from Vegas and ate there twice for breakfast. I much preferred it over Tableau. The coffee is the best !! The food is great.... even the simple items, like oatmeal and yogurt are done to perfection and with such flavor. The spiced beignets are so good! And we hit the Bouchon Bakery 3 times for the French Macarons (amazing -- must try the chocolate and vanilla!! Seriously, if you are in Vegas, go get one of these !!) Tableau was fine, but I preferred it when Chef LoRusso was there. We had the venison sausage and eggs, and the orange/white chocolate French Toast. Good and flavorful, but the sausage lingered the rest of the day. And the coffee was not great.

      Our other standout meals were at Botero, Sinatra and Alex.

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      1. re: lorishea87

        How could I have missed the beignets for breakfast ? Is it available at the restaurant or bakery or both?

        1. re: selfportrait93

          They are on the breakfast menu in the restaurant. They have 2 kinds-- the spiced ones are fantastic. They are more like little doughnuts than a traditional beignet, served warm with a side of raspberry jam and chocolate nutella spread. Our waiter said the others were more traditional with a raspberry filling -a bit too much raspberry he thought. If you go to yelp,com and click on photos under the Bouchon page, you'll see a pic of them!

          1. re: lorishea87

            Thanks, lorishea87. I just saw the picture in Yelp. Yummmmm!
            We'll be back in April. The beignets won't get away from me then.

            1. re: selfportrait93

              Don't forget to stop by the Bakery and get a couple macarons!! And I bought their coffee beans at the bakery to take home.

              Bouchon at The Venetian
              3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

              1. re: lorishea87

                We'll be in Vegas next month and really want to go to Bouchon for breakfast. I just tried to book through and it said they were booked for the next 8 weeks!! Do I really need a reservation?

                  1. re: Quattrociocchi

                    Just got back from Vegas and had breakfast at Bouchon. I called the restaurant before we headed over, and they said they don't take reservations for breakfast. However, they were able to tell me there wasn't a wait at the time. In fact, when we did show up the restaurant was almost empty and we were able to snag a beautiful table by the window. This was on a Tuesday morning around 9:30am. It was the best restaurant experience we had this trip btw. Wonderful.

        2. 1) Fiamma's pasta's are all good except the lobster gnochi. Great desserts, too.
          2) Bouchon rules @ breakfast and dinner.
          3) Substitute Firefly on Paradise for Cafe BaBaReeba next time.
          4) Drop ALL buffets.
          5) Save room for the Gelati desserts @ Enoteca - to die for!