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Jan 19, 2010 11:10 AM

Fun Brunch (preferably with a Private Room/Area) for 20!


My sister is moving to London from NYC and I, along with my husband and my parents, am hosting a brunch for her nearest and dearest - all women except my husband and my dad.

Any suggestions on a venue that is cute, fun and will do an affordable price-fixe menu? I wanted to have a fondue party, however, it seems to be adding up too quickly!!

Suggestions please!!


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  1. i don't know if you want to stick to standard American brunch fare and/or a certain neighborhood, but look into the following places to get started...
    Calle Ocho
    The Park
    Nolita House
    24 Prince

    ...and then wait for kathryn to [hopefully] chime in because she's the resident expert!

    1. i think calle ocho is great for a good group. large brunch menu and unlimted sangria fromthe sangria bar (about 8 different kinds). Large place, high ceilings..lots going will NOT spend more than 20 bucks a person INCLUDING tax and tip