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Jan 19, 2010 10:43 AM

rockridge cafe in oakland

Anyone been here for lunch in recent memory? I'm wondering what it's like now.

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  1. I went there for lunch a couple of months ago and was really disappointed. It was kind of dirty and the food was terrible. I was a regular when I was a student 20 years ago and figured since it was still around, it would still be good. Wrong! I ordered a tofu scramble and it was inedible: plain tofu, barely fried with no seasoning whatsoever -- no spices, no onion, no garlic and topped with a sprinkle of mostly raw cheese. And this was labeled as a special. I left most of it on the plate. I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, by the way. I happen to know that a tofu scramble can be very tasty indeed. Also, off-putting was the fact that there was nothing else on the plate -- no home fries, no salad, nothing. Just a huge plate of tasteless tofu. Nice.

    My English muffin arrived seemingly okay, but when I turned over the second half, there was bits of someone else's breakfast glued on. Also, the jam on the table had seen better days and the whole thing put me off. And it was not super cheap, either!

    The waitress seemed non-plussed by the fact that I didn't eat much. I just felt like a complaint would fall on deaf ears and I would end up arguing with someone about how to make tofu. No thanks.

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    1. re: melisky

      thanks. that's what I suspected.
      a friend is coming in from out of town and suggested it as a spot "for old time's" sake.
      but i was thinking we could have "new memories" instead.

      there was a time when their mudpie was irresistable.

      1. re: escargot3

        Bait and switch to A Cote.

        "Sure, let's just go in and look at the menu, there's a few other places nearby if we don't like it"

        1. re: bbulkow

          A Cote doesn't serve lunch, go to Wood Tavern instead. Best lunch in Rockridge (and one of the best in Oakland).

          1. re: JasmineG

            I was equally unhappy with Rockridge Cafe. A new place further down College at Ashby is the Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. This place pulls at my local heartstrings because they source where their food is from. They weren't overly friendly, but this may be become the norm for the area in (my recent experiences).
            I got their version of a BLT and LOVED it. Seating is limited, but the food is good. Pricey, but good.

            Summer Kitchen Bake Shop
            2944 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705