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Jan 19, 2010 10:34 AM

ISO: Bakeries that deliver cakes in Mtl.

My daughter who lives in a McGill residence downtown will soon be celebrating her birthday. She asked that we get her a cake delivered to her residence.

Since we live in the States we have to make the arrangements long distance. She has yet to decide her preference, but when we last spoke she wanted either a carrot cake or some variety of chocolate.

Are there any bakeries in Montreal that deliver?

I don't recall carrot cake as a Montreal speciality, but I am sure someone must make it. Any recommendations on that score? As for chocolate cake and cakes in general, I would list the following in order of preference , 1) au Duc de Lorraine, 2) Gascoigne, 3) Premiere Moison.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. hi
    posting a link of companies that delivers food in Montreal, they have link ups with many restos. website is not that good so i suggest you call.

    food delivery companies:

    - a toblorone cake can be ordered from cafe republique ( their food is good


    - commensol in downtown makes vegan carrot cakes.
    - cupcakes/giant carrot cupcake

    1. Might not be the best cake in the city, but have you checked with McGill residences themselves - they have a catering division, and surely they could arrange to deliver a cake - I know they make both carrot and chocolate cakes (or at least they used to).

      1. If you are nice and explain the situation when you call you might be able to convince a small local place that does not deliver to make and exception and call a taxi to send the cake with the taxi driver. That usually costs more than delivery but i have been able to do it before for an extreeme food emergency .

        Most college students i know have a credit card from mom and dad for things just like this. If she does, you could have the cake delivered and have your daughter put the taxi on her card and you can pay that or if she doesn't you can send her a check later.

        1. "Delices de Dawn" is a local company that makes a range of cakes and I believe you can get them delivered. More Americanized than a patisserie, but delicious nonetheless. Their website is:

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          1. re: mikjomom44

            Granted its been a few years, but Delices de Dawn had a minimum order policy in the range of 5 cakes or $200 or so.
            Again, its been about 4 years since I dealt with them, but it never hurts to ask - especially since the birthday girl lives downtown (likely along a delivery route) and they are quite friendly.

            1. re: porker

              You can have only one cake delivered from Delices de Dawn - we get one at the office every once in a while. However, I think they arrive frozen, so you can't dig in right away!