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Jan 19, 2010 10:09 AM

Fondue in Houston

Any Fondue restaurants or places that have good fondue in Houston? Besides the obvious Melting Pot.

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  1. How was the melting pot? last time we were in Houston I wanted to check it out but Dh was uncertain about dropping much $ on a total unknown quantity.

    1. I've heard the Melting Pot was pretty good but very expensive. I don't know of any others currently but there was one here on Post Oak somewhere back in the early 70's called the Swiss Chalet. Looking it up, I find the address to be at 511 South Post Oak Lane and the phone number shows 713.621.3333. I'd be shocked if they were still around. They were very good back then.

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        Hon, they were still there in the 80's I remember a beau taking me for dinner. I don't remember fondue though I do remember german, austrian, swiss food. And a great trio and dancing. Ahh, youth. Bummer, yeah, they are probably long gone.

        1. re: aggiecat

          The first time I ever went there was with a first date :-) and we sat by the big round fireplace and had drinks before dinner. It was a lovely place. I took many friends there after that.

          I just called the number shown and alas, like our youth, it bit the dust. :-)

      2. We went to MP in Oct. it was a Girls Night Out (simply means a little smaller portions, and less$). it was excellent. For 3 people, the four course meal, with ice teas (and the tip which they include) was over $150. We also went a month or so later for dessert only. That was good too. It is a very pricey place and I 'm not sure why. Fondue is not that expensive to make. I think the fact that it is different from a normal restaurant has them charging way to much.

        Don't get caught up in their "donate to the Children's Hospital" thing. We were supposed to get coupons/certificates for a return visit if we donated. We donated, did not get a thing they promised.