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Jan 19, 2010 09:44 AM

Best BACON in Los Angeles. Prepared or for Take Home

Like most people, i love bacon.

Right now i like the house-cured bacon served on weekends at Canelé Restaurant. Here's a good photo of its thick porkiness:

I am interested either in restaurants that serve a good version, or butcher shops, et al, that sell it for home preparation. Tusquellas Meats in the Third & Fair\fax located where Huntington Meats is now used to have a good rendition. But it is long gone.


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  1. Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon at Trader Joe's is great. Not quite as thick, but has great smoked flavor. Follow the oven cooking directions on the back for great crispness. Bacon of the month sent from Zingermans in Ann Arbor, MI is the ultimate. (

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    1. re: jeffandnat

      Yikes- just got home form Trader Joe;s and unfortunately the Niman Ranch Bacon they carried is now a discontinued item. That's a minor disaster in my book.

      1. re: giseleinla

        As someone mentions below Trader Joe's carries their own brand of uncured applewood smoked bacon instead of Niman Ranch. I suspect its Niman Ranch only branded as TJ's. Whatever its quite good. The European Sausage Factory in a dismal industrial park on Saticoy just west of Coldwater has three or four kinds of house made bacon that is excellent. They will either slice it to order or sell it in a slab. Their sausages are also good.

        1. re: ebethsdad

          Will look for it. All I saw when I was in this weekend was something in a box( couldn't actually see the bacon) and I believe it was cooked - yuck!

          1. re: giseleinla

            The Niman Ranch facebook page says they could not keep up with TJ's demand, so it looks like the TJ brand is not a repackaging of the Niman Ranch bacon. Bummer.

              1. re: jeffandnat

                Says this on their Website- why would they encourage people to ask their local stores to get it, if they can't keep up with demand ???

                "What can I do to get Niman Ranch products in my local stores and restaurants?
                Ask your local grocery store, restaurant or butcher to stock Niman Ranch products, and then ask again. Let them know that you care about having the option of purchasing meat that is top-tier in quality, has full traceability, and is raised humanely, sustainably and traditionally without antibiotics or added hormones.

                1. re: giseleinla

                  I would assume that they can keep up with the demand of a local market or small chain selling smaller quantities of it for $8 a pack as opposed to TJ's selling a truck load at $4 a pack. What a drag! I bet we will be seeing it at other stores for a higher price.

                  1. re: jeffandnat

                    Got an e-mail from Niman Ranch today saying it;s available at Sprouts- good thing I have one near me in Culver City...

      2. If you're looking at mail-order, there's a plethora of choices. Benton's Bacon and Herrington's Bacon both come to mind.

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        1. re: Steve2 in LA

          My favorite is Broadbent's, also mail-order. For locally available, while I like Niman Ranch okay, my ex-Tennessee tastebuds find it light on flavor. Schreiner's up in Montrose sells their slab bacon for a bit less than $4/lb, cheaper than Niman by a bit, and I like to be able to cut slices or cubes or whatever as I need them. It's good bacon, too - don't think it's dry-cured, but it's not the wet mess most commercial bacon is either.

          For the record, Broadbent's 4-5 lb. slab is right at $30, bacon plus shipping to L.A.

          1. re: Will Owen

            And when you reach the end of the slab, the rind can go into a pot of beans. But then, you already knew that.

            1. re: Will Owen

              Just ordered a selection of Broadbent and look forward to giving it a taste. Thanks for the tip!

          2. The butcher at Jim's Fallbrook Market has excellent applewood bacon and will slice to your order (I get 10 slices to thee pound).

            1. BLT Steakhouse - West Hollywood (Sunset Strip) has an an Appetizer:

              Grilled Double Cut Bacon $9

              I've never had it, but you might give them a call and see if it's worth your sampling:



              P.S. ~ I only mentioned this as it is rare to find bacon as a stand alone app on a Dinner menu at any upscale Restaurant.

              1. Otto's has Abalt Szalona Paprikaval, which I love.
                2320 West Clark Avenue, Burbank

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