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Jan 19, 2010 08:43 AM

Colonial Williamsburg Dining

Has anyone been to the various historic Inns at Colonial Williamsburg? Are they more theme park than serious restaurant? If so, any recommendations elsewhere in Williamsburg?

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  1. They serve some surprisingly good food. I'd avoid the one dedicated to seafood, though. They all have peanut soup that is the envy of anywhere else. Steaks are a really good choice. All in all, they represent good value despite the elevated prices. There is also an informal tavern (no reservations, I think) which has very good Brunswick Stew, IIRC.

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      I just checked the menus again. King's Arm is the one I'd recommend because of the peanut soup and the prime rib. Christiana Campbell's is the seafood place I would avoid.
      Chowning Tavern has the Brunswick Stew. The other Colonial tavern is Shield's.

      The Inns have modern, not Colonial menus.

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        Chownings has an okay pulled pork sandwich. It's mostly about the entertainment, which is pretty good with a few cocktails.

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          King's Arm has very good fried chicken.

      2. Two great restaurants in Williamsburg: The Fat Canary and the Blue Talon.

        Re: The Regency Room at the Williamsburg Inn--the jacket-required policy and live music promise a night of old-school elegance but the empty dining room, nearly inedible food, and contempt-earning wine list make the night anything but.

        1. I would check the South board for current recs, but The Trellis was a reliable upscale place some years ago.

          1. Yes, you should def go to Pierce's Pitt BBQ. IMHO, its some of the best BBQ in Va.

            1. Thank you! I think I'm leaning toward King's Arm. Peanut soup?!? Never had it, but man am I going to give it a try.

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                Peanut soup is definitely worth a try! And spoon bread. We haven't been in a while, but ate at Trellis the last time and enjoyed it quite a bit. Lunch at Chownings. it was ok. Pulled pork was decent, as flavrmeister noted. We tend to eat lunch on Colonial Williamsburg grounds and dinners in town somewhere.

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                  Peanut soup is very traditional Virginia cooking. I've had it at a few places in the countryside, but nowhere nearly as good as King's Arm.