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Jan 19, 2010 08:24 AM

Maine Sweet Shrimp - In CT - Norwalk & Naugatuck

I received this link from a terrific Fairfield County Foodie Blog, 'CT Bites.' (Kudos Analiese Paik) I thought my fellow CHs would find it interesting as there may be a place in Naugatuck to by these sweet tiny shrimp. The 'NY Times' article posted within is also interesting. When you click the link, you have to scroll down sometimes to read the article. The link is mainly about Norwalk but within is a blurb about their "first stop in Naugatuck." I never heard about these babies but boy do they sound delicious--"so sweet you can eat them raw," and they are only available through March this year.

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  1. We bought a few pounds of these in Maine last spring, and they truly are delicious. Worth dealing with the heads, which along with the shells are great for making stock.

    1. Quite nice of you to post this cheery(and for passing along yet another link) so I must share long as fellow Hounds promise to save some of the head-on shrimp! Mr. Tom does indeed stop in Naugatuck on Fridays and gets set up around 9:30 or so on Rubber Ave(right next to Monro).

      The weather's been trying but these fingers are crossed for a generous Wednesday 'Pemaquid Seafood' catch. They're pretty aggressive in bringing our state a share whenever possible...but so am I in that line so let's all be nice O.K.? :) .

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