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LA Farm on Olympic?

Any recent opinions from the y'all hounds?
A friend raved about it to me today and I haven't been since S Richter took over.

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  1. This is really still a place for celebrity sightings, not tasty eatings.

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    1. I like it for brunch. Strong Bloodies and they have this stacked Huevos Rancheros dish that is REALLY good and unique...


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        Hey, Dommy - they don't list brunch on their website http://stefansatlafarm.com/ . Are you speaking of a weekday lunch menu with the stacked Huevos Rancheros dish (which looks really good) or you getting the "Farm" of Beverly Hills/The Grove and LA Farm mixed up?

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          Ah! I was confused, I thought of THE Farm on Olympic at L.A. Live...


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            Darn. I was getting all set to do brunch at the LA Farm this weekend!

      2. I actually enjoyed our meal there. We went just after December 25th so it was a rather quiet evening. The food was excellent and especially enjoyed the small plate menu.

        I will say though that the service was seriously lacking. Once being seated, our server disappeared for 15 minutes. After the hostess noticed that we were still waiting, she came over to say "our server will be right with us." Same thing happened at the end of the night. The guy disappeared for 15 minutes after delivering us our check. Really shouldn't have been so bad given it was a real slow night.

        1. I went (to the one near Olympic and Bundy in Santa Monica) in mid-November and really enjoyed it. I thought the small plates were solid all around (some of the dishes were cutesy but well-executed, like a mini Big Mac and tater tots) and I remember liking the risotto. Stefan was very friendly, talking to people at tables, and a bit of a ham (very much in keeping with his Top Chef persona).

          1. Got back yesterday from food weekend that included Stefan's on Friday night for dinner. Saturday was Street for lunch and Fig for dinner. Sunday was Mozza for lunch and Lucs for dinner. Monday lunch was Ford's filling station for light lunch then home. Stefan's was the only disapointment. After arriving a little early hostess pointed us to couch in bar area where we waited 15 minutes for drinks. Stefan was behind the bar. Hostess forgot about us and 10 minutes after our actual reservation time I asked when we might get our table. She wouldn't transfer the bar bill and made us close it out before she'd seat us. Service was disjointed and manic. Food bland. If I would've paid the $150 for the tasting menu I would've been extremely upset. My suggestion is he get out from behind the bar and head back to the kitchen. On the way there he should also train the staff. Will not go back as there are so many other great places to eat in L.A. at that price point.

            1. I went on Thanksgiving day for their buffet. I think it was about $50 a person, and I was fairly disappointed. Everything was good, but not great. Choices were very limited, the food was lukewarm, and the service was pretty spotty. Stefan was chatting up a table nearby and so we spent the better part of our meal listening to him talk about how great he is.

              Granted, it wasn't a normal dinner service, but I kind of feel that with such a limited menu, it could be a little easier to put emphasis on those dishes and make them more impressive than what a competent cook could make at home. I probably wouldn't go back for regular service unless someone else really wanted to. The indoor patio is really pretty, so I'd make sure to request a table in there.

              1. Hi Ciao Bob -

                My foodie hairdresser and her friends did not like it and were not very impressed. They went sometime last year, but she detested it enough to deter me from trying the place.

                1. I read all the above posts just before leaving the house last night. Too late, we already had the reservation and babysitter. Went last night--party of 4, taking advantage of a Blackboard Eats promotion, 4 course tasting dinner for $40 and $15 3 wine paring. I still don't feel like we got a lot of bang for our buck. We arrived early for our 7pm reservation (as you never know what is going to happen on the 10 coming from the SGV). We were seated immediately. I was pleasantly surprised as many times places will make you wait just to keep up the pretense that they are busy. Anyway, since we did apprise them of the fact that we had a coupon for the prix fixe we weren't given menus. Upon being seated, our server informed us what the menu was and asked if there were any vegetarians which there weren't. Frisee salad with salmon/lox-very good, cream of butternut squash soup-again very good, duck breast w/cabbage and spaetzel-duck breast had a great taste but it was not crisp and the spaetzel was more like sage stuffing so I passed it on to my husband who was very happy. Orange souffle w/chocolate mousse for dessert, very nice. The wine tasting had very chintzy and inconsistent pours. It was really obvious to all at the table that the last tasting, which was a pino noir was very stingy except for one of the glasses which was almost twice as full as the others but the waiter made no indication he noticed-how could he not! Since we were there to have a good time, I didn't make waves. The thing about the prix fixe was that there were NO choices unless you wanted the vegetarian salad-a beet salad to replace the salmon salad or a vegetable risotto to replace the duck. Typically, when my husband and I go out, we order different things purposely so having a table of 4 getting the exact same meal was kind of dull. I understand prix fixe but I figured there would be at least 2 items to choose from for each course and I don't mean either meat or vegetarian. On the way back from the...we (the girls) cornered our waiter and politely asked if there were any other options on the prie fixe which of course there were not. We suggested maybe we would order additional appetizers to vary the meal a bit. We did order a couple of appetizers, a deviled egg-which I did not have the pleasure of trying and a foie gras appetizer on toast. The foie gras was room temperature. It would have been nice grilled. All in all, it was a pleasant enough experience, we saw Stefan running around, barking orders and visiting a random table or 2. I will say that our water glasses were kept full and we were asked if we wanted more bread and butter. Too bad they took it away when dessert was served. The service was almost too efficient as there wasn't much time between courses so I purposely ate slowly. I am definitely not inspired to go back

                  1. Went tonight.

                    Service was great. Terrific waiter.

                    Wine list is a joke -- very limited selection of all pedestrian California wines save for one Oregon wine -- they proudly advertise they only serve American wine -- half the wines didn't even have vintages listed. Fortunately, we brought our own for $25 corkage.

                    I didn't like the deviled egg appetizer. It supposedly had American caviar, but I couldn't taste it. The guinea hen was tasty.

                    Free parking in the adjacent lot. Nice chill atmosphere -- quiet enough to talk -- tables not all on top of each other. Perhaps a chill place to meet friends, not a destination restaurant.