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Jan 19, 2010 08:08 AM

Calgary recommendation -- fun / good dining on expense account?

A team of colleagues and myself are in Calgary for the first time. We have a chance to go out to dinner but do not know the city at all. Any recommendations for a place with great food and great ambiance that will make us all think very fondly of Calgary? I've gotten the recommendation for River Cafe a few times but it is closed in January, unfortunately.

Canadian / European (not Mediterranean) cuisines preferred but not required. Help?


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      1. re: sharonanne

        With an expense account Rush for sure! :) Have fun!

        1. re: sharonanne


          At Rush for my b-day Thursday! Can't wait!

        2. Chef's Table

          Chef's Table at Kensington River Inn
          1126 Memorial Dr. NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3E3, CA

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          1. re: cancowboy

            I LOVE Chef's Table, but it's tiny and IMHO not the best place for a group dinner- for "fun" a place like Rush would be a lot more appropriate.

                  1. re: sallysmyth

                    There was a fire last year at Sandro, and the owners have since reopened it as Rea's.
                    (Also, Rea's isn't exactly expensive!)