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Jan 19, 2010 08:04 AM

Naples cupcakes

Naples now has world class cupcakes. Gracie's has opened in the Moorings Plaza shopping mall, a few doors away from Jimmy P's(a great butcher). They offer a wonderful selection of cupcakes and mini cupcakes. They are not too sweet and the toppings are made with butter or cream cheese, not the crap you get at grocery store bakeries. My favorites are the coconut snowball and red velvet, however they are all delicious.

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  1. I second Rev on Gracie's goodness.
    Photos at:

    There's other cup cake spots that I've not visited-Simply Cup Cakes is on East Trail next to ABC liquor. They were closed when I went by. I heard it's well worth a visit.

    1. agree too. also no preservatives and stablizers. a Wharton grad that had a higher calling.

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        When will this inane cupcake fad wane? They are cupcakes people. Just cupcakes. They are not worthy of obsession

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          I couldn't agree more Sarge. I stood in line with a friend at Magnolia bakery in NYC to get a dry cupcake with sickly sweet frosting. It's been quite some time ago...during the height of the Sex in the City craze so it definitely has more legs than just a fad.

          I've been to two weddings that had cupcakes instead of a cake and each time the cakes were dry and way too much goop. I think that is the point. There is a very expensive caterer in Naples that charges almost $6 per cupcake for weddings. A fool and their money will always be parted. LOL LMF