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Jan 19, 2010 07:55 AM

Cambridge's Best

Am going to Craigie St on Sunday and wondering where to go/what's open in the Harvard Sq area on Monday?

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  1. First off, you do know that Craigie is now in Central Sq, and not near Harvard Sq anymore? Second, are you looking for restaurant recs for Monday or for entertainment recs, hard to tell from your post.

    1. if budget is not a factor, try Rialto

      1. I do know about Craigies change of locale, thank you. Looking for great eats in the area. How is Chez Henri? Sushi places? Great ethnic? Thanks all!

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        1. re: flounder09

          I think the bar at Chez Henri is terrific. Excellent cocktails and cubanos, and a dark, intimate atmosphere. You can order off the main menu and bar menu in the bar area, which has a few tables, but you can only order off the main menu in the dining room, which lacks the charm of the bar--it feels like a mid-level hotel dining room to me.