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Jan 19, 2010 06:58 AM

Vancouver Sushi - need recommendations

Hey everyone,

I have two evenings on my own to eat where I please. One of my hopes is to find a sushi restaurant that will wow! I have been to both the old and new Tojo's, and even though I have been to Vancouver many times, I have not been to any other sushi place in the city. So - I have read the board and the names that seem to float to the top are:
Octopus Garden

I always dine omakase, love a combination of classic sushi/sashimi along with unique chef-created additions, always sit at the bar and appreciate a well designed space. With all of that in mind, and suggestions?

For my second night - thinking Vij's, or Salt, or Fuel, or ? Anywhere really hot right now?

Too many great places to go..

Thanks for your help

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  1. For omakase, I would choose Octopus' Garden.

    Just to note that Fuel is now rebranded Refuel - a more downmarket revision of the restaurant with the same crew. You can't go wrong with the three you have chosen, except that I see Salt more as a winebar than a place you can get a full-fledged meal.

    1. I second the recommendation for Octopus' Garden, I've never had a bad experience/meal there, another restaurant that I would recommend is Zest on W.16th especially if you like a well designed space and unique creations, they have a Soba Crab Roll that is quite delicious!

      1. I wonder what it's like to always dine omakase...

        1. Definately Octupus Garden. For night two, go to Vij's. Salt is more of a snack than a meal and Fuel has closed and reopened as ReFuel. ReFuel is very good but not a special occassion kind of place anymore.