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Jan 19, 2010 06:36 AM

Spicy & Tasty question

Based on some rec's here, I visited S&T last week. I had a spicy cabbage dish prepared back in the kitchen (very good), but I wondered what all those delicious-looking foods displayed under glass in the front counter were. There seemed to be no staff attending to that area. Are they cold dishes? What would I have to order on the menu to explore them?

And BTW, how do you do a search on CH for a name like Spicy & Tasty? If you just type the name in, you have to look through tons of threads that have "spicy" or "tasty" but are irrelevant to the actual restaurant. Is there a better way?


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  1. The front counter is like a deli with cold foods. You walk in point to stuff and take it with you or eat it there. They have Celery & Tofu dish which is very good, a Spicy Tendon and all sort of other stuff.

    Spicy & Tasty
    39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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      I'm a fella who THE great dishes. Also, if you want to eat @ S &T but dont like spicy food(why?) you can still have a good meal here, this dish is proof positive.

    2. Usually, enclosing the search term in quotes helps, so "Spicy & Tasty".

      Those are the cold appetizer dishes, like sesame noodles, spicy cucumber and more esoteric stuff. I've been there twice but prefer Little Pepper.