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Jan 19, 2010 06:30 AM

Edmonton: where to buy high quality olive oil for a low price?

I'd like to find a really nice light olive oil for dressing salads and such---but at a fairly reasonable price. Where can I do this in Edmonton?

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  1. Italian Centre has the best selection, at a huge range of prices, so would probably be the best place to look.

    1. Any Winners or Home Sense. I always get great Portuguese, Aussie, California, New Zealand, Spanish, Greek and Italian there. It is hit and miss as to what is there at any particular time, but they never fail to have great stuff (Home Sense more than Winnners mind you). I just picked up an Aussie oil ther this weekend, first cold pressed EVOO by mechanical means only. Lovely sweet stuff it is. The Centre Shop has a wide selection, but I find it does not carry high end new world oils very often if at all. The prices are very reasonable compared to speciality shops, but it is hard to beat the prices at the Centre Shop if they have what you want.

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        1. One of the NAIT chefs in residence recommended Costco's Kirkland brand, believe it or not.

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            Yup. Kirkland olive oil is by far the best bang for your buck.

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              General use, deep frying, only for cetain salads, topping on particular meals, value for use....why?

              Perhaps, I'll get my wife to buy a COSTO card after all so long as she comes back with a litre of KIRLAND rather than several gallons.

              I am intersted in the type of olive oil one oh too infrequently has where you just go "WOW"...whether it is peppery, green, yellow...but something you want to have on its own or with food.

              That is why I inquired some time ago on this Forum if there was a place in Edmonton or Calgary where you could actually taste higher end olive oil...what one likes another may loathe etc.

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                I'd like to find a really nice light olive oil for dressing salads and such---but at a fairly reasonable price. Where can I do this in Edmonton? direct quote from the op.anonymoose is just putting in his rec.nice oil for low price.costco,there is your answer to why

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                  Check Evoolution on 104th Street. It is an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store and tasting bar (

            2. You have to be very careful when buying olive oil as it must be fresh. Always look for the expiry date on the bottle. Really good quality olive oil is difficult to find in Edmonton. The Italian Centre does on occasion have some, but the best olive oil is imported by one of the wine importing companies. They represent a number of Italy's top wine estates and they often will bring in the olive oil produced at these estates. The oil is amazing. At various times of the year, they may have some from Tuscany, Sicily, and Marche. They only bring in small quantities at a time so it is always fresh. A few of the chefs in town use their oils and swear that they are the best. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. The company is called WineQuest,

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                I would recommend the Greek store, Omonia Foods for olive oil. They have a huge selection in all sizes. I'll admit, I only buy cold pressed Greek olive oil because of it's high quality taste.

                I've noticed choosing olive oil can be similar to selecting wine =D

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                    Here you go:

                    10605 - 101st Street

                    On your right hand side as you drive north on 101st.

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                      Thanks - photos look interesting. How does it compare to Hella (my go-to Greek store)

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                        Dan G.

                        It has been some time since I was last in Omonia...actually Hellas as well so I am not the right one to ask.

                        Let us know if you try one or both.

                        if I recollect correctly, the last time I was in I was looking for that cheese with the least for me until I get a few glasses of ouzo or retsina down my that begins with a K, that one makes saganaki out of.

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                          name of the Greek cheese is KEFALOTORI

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                  Meh, it's been bumped, might as well add my two cents.

                  Not a fan of Italian olive oil. I prefer Spanish. They have a longer growing season, thus the olives are more ripe when pressed.

                  Also considering the amount of rampant adulteration in the European OO business, a gas chromatograph is about the only way to determine what your OO really consists of.