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Jan 19, 2010 05:03 AM

South African Food

Ever since the demise of the Cape Dutch Bakery I've been unable to find a source locally for boerewors, chackalacka, or any other of the delicious South African foods I used to get there. I have to send to NC at vast expense and so wors en pap has become a rare treat. Does anyone know where in the DC/Baltimore area I could get my hands on wors, pap, chackalacka, Mrs. Ball's chutney, etc.? I know Nando's is in DC but that's mainly chicken and I wanna have a lekker braai for my chinas this summer (a good barbecue for my friends).

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  1. This is a tough one. I either have to order it online or from my mother. DC metro area really needs a good Afrikaaner store.

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    1. re: sekelmaan

      It sure does. The odd thing is how the CDB just closed one day, no notice.

    2. Maybe you could call up the South African Embassy and ask for suggestions/leads.

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      1. re: comestibles

        I may have to. I'm not sure I know how to make wors myself!

        1. re: AngloAmerican

          Wors isn't that hard to make. Biltong is even easier.

      2. This is not really what you're looking for, but there's a South African restaurant in Charlottesville, Shebeen. You might call them as well as the embassy.

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          I think there's one in NY as well. I have to send to Charlottesville for wors and it's bloody expensive. Not the store's fault either, but to ship meats frozen is not cheap. <sigh> Thanks for the advice. Next time I'm there....

          1. re: reiflame

            I haven't been to the restaurant, but I once went to a wedding catered by Shebeen, and it was great!

          2. I've seen Mrs. Balls at Rodman's which has a modest South Africa section for ingredients and favorite imports.

            1. World Market carries Mrs. Ball's chutney. I really have no clue what the other stuff you're talking about is.

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              1. re: kelly5612

                Sadly, since Cape Dutch folded there is no real DC source. The Atlanta store blows, and I will not deal with them again. Your best bets are the embassy (for the wors), and then Rodmans/World Market for your groceries. My friend was just at the White Flint Rodman's and said that it was fully stocked with SA supplies! It is sad, but hey...what can one do? The Shebeen is GREAT, but such a hike...the mussels appetizer alone if worth it, but understandably the visit out there is not a regular occurrance. Good luck!

                1. re: Bokkechick

                  We have found Mrs. Balls, Fresh-pak Rooibos, and rusks at Rodman's, along with many other products manufactured in SA, though they are products mande and found in many countries, including the U.S. In other words, they are SA brands. Boerewors - nope. I suspect the problem is import restrictions. I wasn't surprised when Cape Dutch Bakery went under so suddenly. The shop was in the middle of nowhere, so most of his customers were in the DC area, and the guy was actually making the deliveries himself. Not a sustainable model.

                  There is also a SA restaurant in NYC called...Braai. They have boerewors on the menu. Guess you could ask if they will sell you some, but can't imagine that it wouldn't be at least as expensive as buying from North Carolina.