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Jan 18, 2010 09:39 PM

Great Chinese lunch in Seattle

I've been craving Chinese since I moved from NYC to Portland 1.5 years ago (and not the "East-coast style" Americanized Cantonese discussed on a separate thread, although I have a nostalgic appreciation for it having grown up in Boston). Just got back from a weekend in Seattle with craving FINALLY satisfied by:

1. Henry's Taiwan (ID, right by gates). Reminds me of great Taiwanese food I had in China. Clues when I spotted it on the street: small, modest, pleasant interior, no soy sauce on table. Bonus: very pleasant wait staff let us use their very clean bathroom when my 2y old had an "emergency" outside the previous day. Chef Henry was very knowledgeable and interesting (trained in French cuisine in SF). Everything we ate was amazing:
-#47 Pork with dry bean curd (roughly equal parts tender pork strips, dry bean curd strips, bean sprouts, mushrooms with scallion and a little preserved vegetable, all with a nice smoky umami background taste)
-#30 Beef noodle soup ("The best beef since we were in China [2003]" said my "flexitarian" husband of the beef ?shin meat cut in thick chunks, tender and flavorful from having been stewed for over 12h, with hand-made noodles-not the hand-pulled "la mien" wheat noodles popularized in China from western migrants, but the firmer and thicker home-made style wheat noodles, very succulent- and perfectly-cooked bok choy in an amazingly complex broth featuring star anise among other flavors.
-#20 Pan-fried jumbo dumplings (thin round wrapper folded in half-moon shape stuffed with scallion, tofu and a little rice vermicelli noodle). Mmmm....

2. Harbor City for dim sum (ID, S. King). Small, with limited selection compared to NYC or SF, but with better quality than any I've had in a while (including Wong's King, which I had liked in Portland). 1h wait at noon on Sunday, but food was very fresh. I was especially impressed by:
-truly flavorful and appealing pork in the pork buns
-the quality and variety of shrimp dumplings, especially the disc-shaped fried shrimp dumplings with sesame-crusted rice wrapper, chives mixed with big chunks of shrimp inside.
-I don't go in for the duck/chicken feet, but lots of Chinese families were enjoying these and other authentic dim sum dishes.

My only regrets are that Seattle is not closer to Portland, and that these two meals were so outstanding that it will be difficult to stray elsewhere on future trips to Seattle!

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  1. Thanks for recommending Henry's Taiwan! We went there for lunch and were very pleased. I can't say I eat Chinese much (have been driven away by industrial Chinese), but this was unlike anything I'd had before. We both had soups (one your beef noodle) and they were excellent! But you didn't warn us how big they were--they were as big as a pho bowl. The wantons and dumplings were freshly made and also excellent. It was fairly busy--considering it only has about 12 tables--and we were the only round eyes (a good recommendation for an ethnic restaurant). While the conversations were in Chinese, I had the impression that others diners were locals/regulars, and there was a casual vibe to it. Thanks again.

    1. Haven't been to Henry's Taiwan in a while. Although I hear the one on the eastside (inside Paldo World) is better than the one in the ID. Plus it's free parking.

      Paldo World
      1720 Highway 99, Lynnwood, WA 98037

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        My wife and I have been on a beef noodle soup bender, and found Henry's version to be an oustanding value, especially with the fresh noodle option. The pork and preserved vegetable soup was also very good.