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Jan 18, 2010 09:19 PM

Whistler / Blackomb Breakfast

Heading to Whistler next week .... anybody have a favorite breakfast spot for eggs, pancakes & Bacon that won't set me back $ 40 a plate ????? I'm thinking the old fashoned greasy spoon locals kind of place....Also for provisioning the condo, is the Save on foods in Squamish any good, or should we hit somewhere in West Van - North Van on the way out ?

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  1. Absolute favourite is Wild Wood near the racquet club. I loved their Eggs Bennies.

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    1. re: foodkarma

      I will second that one! Thier Kubasa style sausage is definitly my favorite part of the meal!

      1. re: Bellavino

        The Double Diamond Diner on Blackcomb Way used to be decent and reasonable but it's been a few years...

    2. Wildwood is a great spot but my choice is Elements... it really is "So Good."

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      1. re: hclass

        Wildwood is fabulous - but: they are closed for 10 weeks - as they are providing volunteer meals for the Olympics. My husband is heading there tomorrow and is having to make other arrangements. Otherwise - they're my go-to spot.

        1. re: hclass

          I second Elements. Really good potato side that comes with the breakfasts (cant' remember what it's called). No reservations and subject to long waits, though.

          Wildwood is also good.

        2. The Wildwood at the tennis club is closed, but the one in Function is still open. Double Diamond has been closed for years. We do have grocery stores here, so I wouldn't say that you absolutely have to stock up elsewhere.

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            Thanks for letting me know about DD -- I did Google before I posted and it appeared on a few websites -- sorry it's gone.

          2. The original comment has been removed