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Jan 18, 2010 08:22 PM

Wife's Birthday, need dinner rec near Herndon/Reston area

My wife and I are going to rare night out without kids this coming Saturday for her birthday and I'm looking for a dinner recs. We're looking for someplace around Herndon with Reston, Tyson, Vienna, Fairfax, Chantilly, Centerville, Fairfax, Sterling (and possibly a little further out).

I'm looking for some place with great food and great service and since this is pretty much a rarity having a night without kids, price is not a concern. Any recs would be great, thanks!!

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  1. Two stellar options: 2941 (Falls Church) and Inox (Tysons).

    2941: This is on the western edge of Falls Church, easily accessible from Rte 50 or Lee Hwy. Although it's somewhat farther east than you've specified the drive is easy. Great food. Great service. Great setting. Inside, you're eating among museum-quality art. Outside, you're in a lushly landscaped area that masks the office park reality. (The pasta equals anything I've eaten in Italy.)

    Inox: This restaurant is located in an office building on the Tysons Galleria side of Rte 123. Again, great food. Great service. The decor is sleek modern and is perfectly lovely but not as amazing as eating within sight of an original Rodin sculpture.

    Both restaurants have excellent wine programs with helpful sommeliers.

    1. I second the above suggestions. Passionfish is really nice too, but not as nice as the above.

      1. Cafe Mozart is another good choice in the heart of Fairfax City.

        1. Thanks for the recs, we went to Inox and it was very nice. We had the tasting menu, which was fun. Not everything was a hit, the scallop and fois gras was disappointing, but overall very nice. I definitely like the tasting menu and having a series of small plates throughout dinner. The wine pairings were nice as well

          Afterward we went to ECitie for a drink or two, but it's wasn't quite the same. ECitie just seemed to be lame in terms of night life. I guess it's part of being at Tyson's Corner.

          1. I have to add in L'Auberge Chez Francois to the list. For some reason it has fallen out of favor on here, but I have consistently had incredibly good meals. If price is no object, you should make sure to order the souffle's for desert.