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Jan 18, 2010 08:17 PM

Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive - where to stop for lunch along the way?


We will be in LA and will drive around but the couple of long(er) drives we will take are from:

San Francisco- Highway 1- Los Angeles
LA-Las Vegas
Las Vegas - Death Valley- Sequoia National Park- San Francisco

For these longer drives, such as if I were travelling east out of LA to Las Vegas, are there any must-stops along the way for a meal to break up the drive? Are there any good restaurants east of LA?

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  1. In-N-Out is the standby for LA to Vegas. If you're brave, there's Bun Boy next to the "World's Tallest Thermometer."

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      or The Mad Greek, owned by the same people as Bun Boy.

      The Mad Greek
      72112 Baker Blvd
      Baker, CA 92309
      (760) 733-4354

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        Bun Boy closed in 2007; It's a Bob's Big Boy now.

        Mad Greek is good but expensive (gyros and fries $11; you can't order just a gyros for less). However the date (and other fruit)shakes at Mad Greek are excellent ($5) and the Mexican food is great and not as expensive.

        There is also a Mad Greek at State Line (East side).

      2. please make sure to post as well on the california board. I'll be responding here to what's in the eastern party fo the county that i like. all along the san gabriel valley are a ton of excellent chinese restaurants. I'd head east - if on the 60, i'd get out at hacienda blvd in hacienda heights and eat at Ma Lan noodles. pulled to order, tasty and amazing. If you want something more unusual in teh area, go for the vegetarian buffet at lunchtime at the Hsi Lai temple up the street off hacienda boulevard at glenarm.

        as well, you could stop at Cal Poly Pomona and eat at the restaurant at their cooking school.
        you might post about claremont. many schools around the colleges - this is about an hour east of la. just ask specifically for dining suggestions in claremont.

        in glendora - there's a basque style place called the continental it's unusual (and still appropriate for t his board _
        this is basque american food. you get the "set-up" and pick a protein. or go a la carte. trad. it's family style. You ahve these all up and down US-395.

        )(if this doesn't get deleted, brief - check out silver spurs in barstow, and the still life cafe in indepenence near death valley - hope this sentence doesn't get this dleted and please other posters DO NOT COMMENT HERE on these two restaurants. let the OP open a new file for that stuff on teh california board).

        1. when are you doing this - how are you getting from death valley to sequoia natl park? reasonably, you could take 178 from south of lone pine over the mountains and down into bakersfield and then up 99 to Visalia.
          If you go through bakersfield, try noriega or wollgrowers for the basque meals. if you are continuing to yosemite...

          1. the del taco at barstow (lynwood exit i believe) i know what youre thinking gross, no. This place is one of the originals so it doesnt comply with the franchise regulations the other ones do. When you order a taco you get this amazing packed to the brim fatty taco. Need to check it out. Oh and they have BUN TACOS.