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Jan 18, 2010 08:03 PM

48 Hours in Seattle -- looking for the most successful experimental/unusual/unique out there

Coming this weekend from out of town, solo, and I intend to take a crash course in the very best of whatever Seattle's got. I eat literally everything, but I'm not looking for the usual stuff -- I can get a world class steak anywhere, ya know? Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. Elemental @ Gasworks

    Corson Building

    Art of the Table


    Mistral Kitchen

    Spring Hill

    Night Kitchen

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    1. re: not the bad Steve

      I was thinking about going to Art of the Table for my trip but it is closed for the Month of January 5 - February 5 . :(

    2. Check out Sutra, a fixed price/menu/seating restaurant that is vegetarian. The vibe is cozy and reflects a certain Seattle lifestyle. The dishes are composed of multiple ingredients and are creative, unusual and thoughtful. Not everything works (especially the desserts) but your tastebuds will be teased, tested, pleased and amazed.

      If you are solo you can eat at the counter facing the kitchen area. Check out their website

      I assure you even in Seattle this place is not the usual.

      1. Elemental @ Gasworks!!! (but not really for solo- everything is split and menu is up to server)

        Corson Building!

        Art of the Table!!!


        Mistral Kitchen!!

        Spring Hill!

        Night Kitchen!

        YES!!!! (enthuseasm represented in !'s* :)... Also...

        Emmer & Rye
        Poppy (great for one person- sit in the lounge section)
        Crush (sit at the counter and view the kitchen!)
        anchovie & olive
        Stika & Spruce (if open)

        Also- for bits & pieces of meals or less classy joints-
        Salumi (any sandwich!!! only lunch time hours)
        Pike Place Chowder
        Trophy Cupcake (or Cupcake Royal in Capitol Hill- or Yellowleaf in Belltown)
        Pike Street Fish Fry
        Marination Mobile (if you can catch it- food truck)
        Skillet (if you can catch it- food truck)
        Market Grill (sit at the counter)
        Elliot's (for hh oysters!)
        International District eats- Green Leaf, Matay, dim sum at Jade Garden, Uwajimaya wandering
        Try coffee- Vita, Stumptown, Vivace, etc

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        1. re: natalie.warner

          Thanks for all your help everyone, 'specially you Natalie. You guys ever have CH eating meet ups? First round's on me.

          1. re: deadorinjail

            Don't miss James croissants in Ballard at Besalu - there are no better.
            and if you are in Fremont, a sandwich at the Baguette Box.

            1. re: AnnaEats59

              A great one there is the grilled tofu - you heard it here!