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Jan 18, 2010 06:36 PM

4 Day Drive, Boston to Monhegan ME in June, where to eat?

My wife and I are flying into Boston Mid-June for a weekend wedding on Monhegan Island. We want to take our time and search for hidden treasures along the coast, so we are taking 4 days to make the drive. We are open to all cuisine and understand the more memorable the experience the more $ it costs and we are ok with that.. Idea's?

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  1. Assuming your taking the boat from Port Clyde:

    I'd recommend one night in Portland--search this board for Portland and you'll find a wealth of responses about dining there: two Beard award winners and quite a few others that have receive national attention in both food and travel publs.

    One night on the Pemaquid Peninsula: more traditional lobster pounds here than anywhere else on the coast BUT mid June can be a bit iffy on mid week operation. I'm thinking at least one of the two Round Pond spots will be open (and it doesn't get any more scenic)--Round Pond Lobster of Muscongus Bay Lobster.

    One night in Rockland, again search, but Bourdain was recently here, Primo is here, and there are a number of other rising starts on Main street.

    If you're taking the boat from New HArbor: I'd replace Rockland on the northern end with Kennebunk on the southern end. In the Kennebunk area, you've got two nationally renowned choices: White Barn Inn, only five star/five diamond/Relais Gourmand north of NYC and Arrows in Ogunquit, as well as a number of other excellent choices.

    If you're taking the boat from Boothbay, I'd add replace the Pemaquid Peninsula with the Bath area, for lobster at Five Islands (again, check schedule) and to enjoy what's simply a super nice part of the coast, especially if you mosey down the Phippsburg Peninsula.

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      in Wesport, the Back Eddy. in Fall River Ugly American.

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        I generally agree with Mainegal, but given how great so many places in Portland are, and that there are some nice options for things to do from a Portland base for a day, you may want to consider 2 nights in Portland, and, as Mainegal says, search the board for a huge range of possibilities. I also agree that Rockland is a rising star, lots of possibilities you can find here in additiona to Primo (which is great). If you're wandering up the mid-coast, and going from New Harbor, a possibility I like a lot is Damariscotta River Grill in (not surprisingly) Damariscotta. I'd avoid Boothbay if at all possible.