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Jan 18, 2010 06:05 PM

ISO opinions of sushi at Little Pusan

A friend wants to go there for dinner this week. I've never been, but my previous Korean food experiences have ended in very swollen ankles. Since I need to watch the sodium I figure if we go there I'll have to stick to the sushi as the least salty non-vegetarian option. Has anyone had it there?

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  1. Ive been only once but didnt have any sushi. i was not impressed with the korean food there and much less impressed with the "service"/attitude of the owner. I dont recall seeing a sushi bar, i guess they do it in the kitchen? I wont be back.

    For great korean there is a place in Ayer which is closer to me anyway. In general though, your right, korean food does tend to have alot of sodium.

    1. I haven't been, but sushi at most Korean restaurants I've been to is not up to par with the sushi at real sushi joints. So lower your expectations before you go.

      But if you decide to get a Korean dish, though, the least-salty, non-sushi option I can think of is probably bibimbap. If they have vegetarian bibimbap (no bulgogi), that would be even better.