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Jan 18, 2010 04:46 PM

Silver Carriage HK style restaurant/cafe - Gem of a find!

Whilst having my haircut yesterday, I over heard a lady raving about the quality of the rice congee at a new Richmond Hill, Hong Kong Style cafe called ' Silver Carriage ' . The place is right next to 'The Emperor' on Bayview Avenue.

Decided to give it a try today, I went and ordered a Rice Congee with shredded pork and thousand year eggs, a Russian Borscht and a Baked ox-tongue and fried rice. For those of you chowhounders who are true congee aficionados, you will definitely recognise and appreciate the real quality of the congee base. Unlike other places who use only rice and may be a bit of yuba skin, this place go full out in cooking the congee base using shredded dried scallops, yuba skin, ginko nuts and dried tangarine skin. Just like what Hong Kong best congee places did years ago!!

As for the Borscht and the Ox tongue. The former was very dense and flavourful. A reminder of some of Hong Kong's best. As for the ox tongue, it was cooked very tender and the sauce was pretty delicious. I was told by the owner, they are brand new and quality will still improve! Wow!

Nice to have a quaint and cozy HK style cafe with matching good food in the Richmond Hill area!

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  1. Charles,

    You have never steered us wrong. We really enjoyed Emperor for dimsum. My daughter is now asking that we try silver carriage this weekend. always on the lookout for good hk cafe. Especially ones with great congee. Very difficult to find.

    Will let you know if we agree :-)

    1. A Hong Kong style place that serves borscht? I have to go there just to try this out, if nothing else. Thanks Charles!

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      1. re: Pincus

        We haven't had a decent HK style place in the GTA for a while. After May Doh changed hands that was it. New City once in a while. Anyone try Dickens after it 're-opened'?

        1. re: theel

          'New Dickens', Yes! Same quality as before. Passable good!

        2. re: Pincus

          I think every HK style cafe I've ever been to has had a version of borscht soup on their daily special least they would call it borscht.

          1. re: T Long

            Yes, most serve the borscht as the free soup that comes with set meal. But none that are memorable. I prefer to make my own. At the cafes, I usually settle for the creamed soup or the Chinese soup when available.

            1. re: caitlink

              Every borscht I've tasted nowadays, be it in Toronto or even in Hong Kong all lacked the 'commercial taste and aroma' that was once found in the 'old' Hong Kong establishments like Cherikoff, Sainte Claire ( aka Red Rooster in Chinese ). Rickki's or ABC! Even HK's Tai Ping Koon's version nowadays is below par when compared to the old version!

        3. Charles, what did you wind up paying for your meal? Curious what price ranges they are charging for lunch/dinner.

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          1. re: Pincus

            $3.99 for the congee, $2.75 for the soup and $7.99 for the baked ox-tongue rice. I think?!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Charles, the prices are like wow, man! How big were the portions? What is the base for the congee? MSG?

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                Portion pretty generous.
                Base for congee as I eluded to are ' water, rice, yuba skin, ginko nuts, dried tangarine skin and conpoy (aka dried scallops)' The latter to provide the umami to the rice porridge. MSG?! That, I didn't ask since I don't mind. The glutamate is good for brain cell growth and health!! Ha!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Thanks Charles. Will definitely be checking this place out as I have always been curious about congee but never sure where to try it.

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Charles, Congee Queen has a pork base. Only water here?

                    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                      Interesting?! The typical traditional approach used by all Hong Kong congee outfits usually adopts the formula I eluded to above. This 'generic' congee base has a milder taste which can be used to make up both meat based as well as seafood based congees without interfering with the taste of the main ingredients. However, based on some of my experiences, I have seen HK 'street stalls' that focus on only a couple of specialty items like Congee with salted pork, thousand year eggs and dried oysters or Congee with pork spare ribs, peanuts and dried bark fish using pork and chicken in the mix during their multi-hours slow cooking.

            2. Just went there last weekend and it was AWESOME!!!! My bf ordered a sirlion steak and it came on an iron grill, where they pour the gravy in front of you. The whole dish just sizzled. Quite fun if you don't mind getting the aroma on your clothes or in your hair. The steak came with the standard fries and veggies. Nothing specutlar there.

              I had the baked pork chop in a tomato sauce, and that was really good also! It had a good balance of sweet and sourness, and I could taste some additional herbs in the sauce. Its not like the Richmond Court baked pork chop that's mostly just tomato paste (nothing against Richmond Court - this one just seems more flavorful). Both meals came with a soup (I had borsch, my bf had a cream soup) . Re: Pincus - not sure if you had a chance to try it yet, but defintely worth a go.

              My mom had a Western Fried Rice (it's like fried rice with ketchup - sounds weird, but tases pretty good). She seemed happy with it too.

              The wait staff seemed a little slow to me, but overall a good experience. Would defintely go again.

              1. Looks like a place I can try out tomorrow when I'm up north. We'll see how that goes!