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Jan 18, 2010 03:50 PM

The Clay Pit-- Durham, NC

I know this place has been discussed in a couple of threads before but my searches were fruitless so I'm starting a new thread. The Clay Pit is located in NC 55 in the shopping center with Big Lots. The prices are so low at this place and there are so many items on the menu that I was quite skeptical about this place but as it was coming up on 3PM and I hadn't had luch yet I decided to give this place a try. I ordered the kefta kabob platter ($6.99!), which came with four small hot dog sized kabobs, pita bread, Greek-style salad, and fires-- but I asked that they hold the fries and provide extra salad, which they kindly obliged. For the price this has to be one of the best meals one can get in the Triangle. The kebabs were really flavorful, had a lot going on with spices and herbs, onions, garlic...the salad dressing was better than any greek dressing I've had and the slight sweetness balanced the saltiness of the feta so well.

This another drab restaurant, but what I'm finding is that some of the best places to eat in the Triangle shares this trait-- Superwok, Gourmet Kingdom, Saigon Grill, Los Comales, Allen & Son, Saxapawhaw General Store-- so I've stopped caring about this at this point. And at these prices-- it's easily 25-50% cheaper than other Indian joints I've been to-- complaints about ambiance seem a bit silly.

I will be back soon and often.

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  1. I noticed it just last week and was intrigued but already had my heart set on jerk next door. Glad to see you liked it--more likely I will get their another time! I agree, though, that lots of good Durham food comes with lackluster surroundings. For an atmosphere enthusiast like myself, it makes me sad, but all the happier when somewhere successfully combines the two.

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      I think about surrounding atmosphere in an odd way. If the inside of the restaurant looks incredibly different than the outside (in a good way), that is one thing and a plus. If the outside and inside are both deplorable but the food is good, that can be a distraction. However, if the exterior atmosphere is grand and the inside just average, but the food is great, I'm not going to complain. On one hand, I'll probably be there with people I'd like to hang out with and so my attention to whats outside at least is going to be nonexistant. Also, if few people don't think it's worth checking out due to the outside.. more good food for me. It's like belonging to a secret club of those in the know. Of course, the flip side is few people come to sustain the business. Maybe none of that made sense. Sorry I still think it's a Monday...

    2. Is this place still there and still open?

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        The Clay Pit went out of business long ago. The Treehouse Cafe now operates in that location.