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Jan 18, 2010 03:50 PM

Unique/Different Eating Experience in Hell's Kitchen

Hello -

I am looking for an atypical eating experience in hell's kitchen for a late night dinner.

What I like:
Ethnic, different, low key (hole in the wall), authentic, not overly cool

What I do not like:
Productions, average, run of the mill

You know how there are places that try to be different (the nyc speakeasy scene can be like that at times - but can be cool too)? I am looking for a place that is different without trying to be that way. Whether it is an authentic ethnic dive, or just a good place doing it's thing.

Open to ideas... only thing I do not want is average.

Ahh... also - walking distance from mid town a bonus, and open late (til 11/12) a must too.



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  1. Yakitori Totto?

    Yakitori Totto
    251 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

    1. Kyotofu: japanese food centered around tofu (I swear,it's good! And I'm not a veggie) I know it's open late.
      Gazala Place: Israeli food-I found it interesting ethnically but would say the food was only "good" not great
      Other places generally well-liked though I haven't had a chance to try:
      Ariana Afghan House
      Multiple Ethiopian spots: Queen of Sheba, Meskerem
      Pam Real Thai

      Enjoy! Hells Kitchen is the perfect nabe to explore these types of spots.