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Jan 18, 2010 03:48 PM

Best Ma Po Tofu in Dallas?

My favorite Chinese dish is Ma Po Tofu, which I frequently cook at home. However, I've been unhappy with all local restaurant versions I've tried -- not much flavor, seem to be lacking some of the authentic ingredients. Can anyone recommend a partcularly good and authentic restaurant version? Firm rather than soft tofu would be a big plus. Thanks

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  1. My favorite Ma Po Tofu in Dallas has been at a place called Sichuanese Cuisine off of 75 in Plano. However, it's still not great.

    1. Tell us which versions you have tried so we don't recommend the ones you don't care for.

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        I've probably tried it at 30 restaurants, e..g, a large percentage of the places in the Richardson cluster. It's my kids' favorite Chinese dish, so any time the family eats Chinese it's one of the entrees on the table. Good point by luniz that my preference for firm tofu itself is not authentic, so maybe a better way to phrase my issue is that the versions I get typically seem rather bland and lifeless. I'll try Yao Fuzi, thanks.

      2. the more authentic places serve it with softer rather than firm tofu. You may have to make it yourself if that's what you're looking for.

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          I've never been blown away from Ma Po Tofu here in Dallas.

        2. Nice version at Yao Fuzi.