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Jan 18, 2010 03:37 PM

Where to get New Dill Pickles?

Hey everyone,

I love new dill pickles. The kind that are crunchy and in between a cucumber and a sour pickle. I prefer them closer to a cucumber. I am having a hard time to find them. Strubbs makes a "kosher pickle", but they aren't great. They are still pretty sour. Any place that makes them homemade or anyone else except for strubbs that I should try?


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  1. Look for half sour kosher dills in a refrigerated section of large stores. Buy as green as possible. Loblaws has them.
    You can try to make your own refrigerator pickles, but they won't be stabilized, and will go soggy in a couple of weeks.

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      It might be worth a visit to Pancer's. Have a meal there, then take home some of their huge pickles. I'm virtually positive they have really new pickles as well as full sours available. I love new pickles. These are so big you can slice one or two and feed a few people.

    2. Note that these might only be available seasonally. Natural pickles become ever more sour with passing time, and can spoil.

      Strubs does make new dills - or at least they did. Look in the supermarket fridge. The ones you want will be very green and do not contain vinegar or any other souring agent. Other possible brands include Mrs Whyte's and Putter's. If they aren't in the fridge, don't even bother to read the label. Your best chance would be in a Jewish area.

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        The Strubs half sour kosher dills at Loblaws do contain vinegar, but they are OK if bright green in the bottle.

        1. re: jayt90

          They shouldn't!!!!!

          It should be pure brine...

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            Found fabulous, to die for, pickles here in Florida..they're called "BUBBIES" sugar, no vinegar/preservatives..the jar says they are prepared in Canada for 'Bubbies of San Francisco" What goes???
            They are wonderful, better than anything at home (maybe close to Mrs. Whytes but way, way better) The other thing was the discovery of "STRUBS" here...didn't know thye shipped to Florida.
            EMBEE..have you ever heard of "Bubbies"?

            1. re: pearlD

              Yes, the Big Carrot carries these and they are great. I've never seen Bubbie's half sours, though.

              1. re: embee

                Thanks Embee......
                Be still my heart! I guess this means I don't have to explain to Canada customs why I would bring a case of Pickles home to Toronto! LOL!!! (and that, after schlepping them from Florida to Jamaica and then to Toronto...somehow I don't think they would be classified as 'carry on luggage eh!!)

              2. re: pearlD

                I don't know about Bubbie's . Sounds like something named by for a guy from Texas who played football in California. You know, like Tim Horton donuts. Stick to Strub's . They're reliable and closer to home.

                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                  Bubbie (as in Bubbie and Zaidie (yiddish for grandparetns)), not Bubba!

                  They can also be found at Bathurst asd Wilson No Frills

                  1. re: Markea

                    I have long read about Bubbie's and excitedly picked up a jar not too long ago. The flavour was great, but unfortunately the pickles had absolutely no crunch to them; in fact, they were quite soft. Is this typical or should I try again?

                    1. re: LTL

                      That was my one experience with them. I never tried again, as a limp pickle is a dealbreaker for me.

        2. Best new (slightly sour) fermented pickles I've found outside of New York are at the Highland Market near Stoney Creek. They have a huge crock of them. Very very good.

          I've also made my own Sour Dills this year using Alton Brown's recipe and they are amazing. Family and friends prefer them over vinegar dills. The only down side is they don't preserve long (maybe a couple of months in a crock if pickles remain under the liquid with the crock in the fridge).

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            I have purchased Bubbies at Cousins on Hurontario north of the Lakeshore. Not sure what style they were though.

          2. I ve seen them at Stasky on dundas near the 427. Also they have the best deli counter if you like smoked sausages from all over europe focusing on eastern europe

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