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Apr 3, 2005 12:29 PM

WHY didn't someone tell me to go to Angeli?

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Oh, I know you've mentioned it. But why didn't someone sit me down and say "You really, really need to go to Angeli, NOW?" Taken by friends, I have eaten at Louise's Trattoria 3 times, fergoodnesssake, and it is about a 2 minute walk from Angeli.

Anyway, we went there last night. Everything was just wonderful. A truly good pizza margherita with a thin crisp crust, a perfect arugula salad with shiny black olives perched on the edge, and sun-dried tomato ricotta gnocchi that were so light that they flew out of the kitchen on tiny wings and landed on my plate. Also a garlicky sautee of spinach and tiny broccoli rabe that was just bitter enough.

It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time, and I eat pretty well.

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  1. Where is this Angeli?

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    1. re: juny1cat

      Sorry. Angeli Caffe on Melrose. Evan Kleiman's place.

      1. re: snackish

        I was going to post a question whether Angeli was in trouble--I called on Friday as we were about to head over there, and was told they closed at three for lunch (the website says they do not close between lunch and dinner). We arrived at 2:10 pm and the doors were locked tight. Someone was visible in the kitchen but he did not come out to explain. Disappointing.

    2. are you talking about Angelini Osteria on beverly blvd??

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      1. re: Perceptor
        rabo encendido

        Snackish is referring to:

        (323) 936-9086
        7274 Melrose Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90046

        Great place.

        1. re: rabo encendido

          It is good at best IMHO, not great. There are a couple of things on the menu that occasionally can hover around great and a good many that are barely average.

      2. lovely meals there everytime. high quality ingredients make the difference.

        1. well, I told you but obviously, you don't listen to ME! I like Angelli alot, have gone there for 14 years and wholeheartedly disagree with Just Larry's opinion. I find them consistently good and have never understood people who favored Louise's swill over their food. Don't know what the deal is with the hours but I have noticed that Evan has not been keeping up the website.

          It is also a great restaurant for an early meal with kids---they hand out pizza dough for the kids to play with and will even bake it in the oven if you ask nicely so you can eat your bready creation [but not if you've stuck your car in the dough!].

          Heck in our family, we like them so much, we had them cater our wedding! [and they did a damn fine job!]

          FYI, Evan is also the leader of the LA Slow Food Convivium.

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          1. re: jen

            It is not that I think she is a bad chef. On the contrary, she is immensely talented but the food that she is so amazing at preparing is never on the menu. The best meal that she ever prepared that I had the privilege of attending was closing night at the West LA Angeli. She did a buffet with items that I still dream about many years later. At the dinner, I mentioned to her that if these dishes were on the menu she would not be closing. Her Marinia Del Rey Angeli Mare was also failing at that time too. I suggested that she put some of the dishes on that menu. She told me that people in the Marina only wanted Spaghetti and Meatballs so it was not worth the bother. After that discussion, I know that she would always be able to fill Angeli with her fans, sell her cook books and do nicely at that. Nothing more. We love her Pizza Bread and her Antipasto Rustico with an order of Arroncini and Croquettas. On our last visit the fried items were way too oily but that bread and the rusica were excellent.

            1. re: Just Larry

              The Thursday night dinners at Angeli always tend to be interesting.

            2. re: jen

              Jen, how was your wedding? I'm probably going to have them cater my wedding, and I'm curious what food you served. What did you like the best? Thanks.

            3. Angeli is good, basic stuff. Not really stellar, but good value for the money, plus Evan is a wonderful person who should be supported. She is part of the Slow Food movement.

              Louise's, however, is evil. Another soulless corporate type place masquerading as a neighborhood eatery.

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              1. re: LT from LF

                I adore the bread at Angeli. I'd almost go just for that. Also the beet ricotta gnocchi was unreal, and the pizzas have been pretty good. Unfortunately, whenever I have strayed and ordered other things, they have been just ok. Hence, after a few visits, we stopped going. I think it's an above-average neighborhood Italian restaurant, but given how few dishes have been hits, have to agree it's not great.


                1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                  Curious how difficult parking is there. I tend to shy away from anything on Melrose because it's such a zoo.

                    1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                      If you are going for lunch and you're reasonably ambulatory, there's usually easy street parking on the north-south side streets no more than 100 yards from the restaurant. Dinner is a little tougher, but a little walk is good to burn off the pasta...

                  1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                    Try the famous chicken. It's really good.