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Jan 18, 2010 01:31 PM

Carne Asada Burrito's in Dallas Area?

I was stationed in San Diego, CA for many years in the Navy and practically survived on the famous Carne Asada Burritos found at all the "bertos" places (Albertos, Adalbertos, Robertos, etc...) and I miss them more than i can say. I love to cook and have tried to replicate as much as I can but I fall way short. One of the problems is no access to the simply giant tortillas they use. Does anyone, who is familiar with the southern cal. delicacy, know where in the Dallas area I might find something close to give me my "fix"?

Peace and good eats....


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  1. The aptly named San Diego Tacos in Irving and other locations throughout the metroplex should have what you are looking for.

    On Story Rd south of 183 across from Plymouth Park Baptist Church

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      Jay I think this is your place. I've only been there twice because I live in Richardson. The menu is completely "correct" and has pictures of all the menu items. It will make you nostalgic just walking in. That said, the rolled tacos are pretty awful as they have the usual problem 'round these parts of being severely understuffed with meat which leads to burnt/overcooked edges on each side.

      The carne asada burrito, however, was EXCELLENT, both times we were there.

    2. http://www.tortilla-depo.org/menu.html
      La Mexicana Tortilla Factory
      715 Skyline Drive,
      Duncanville, TX 75116
      (214) 943-7770
      14" and 17" burrito tortillas...12ct. pak

      1. I hear ya man. I loved those carne asada burritos too. If you ever find a place that has those here in DFW let us know. I'll do the same. I have family in Abilene and I have found that Albertos on South 14th serves those buritos. Just wish they had one here in Ft Worth.

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          I empathize entirely! I grew up in So-Cal and was stationed there while in the military. In total, 27 years there, so you know that I miss my carne asada. So my wife and I made it our mission to find authentic mexican not just tex-mex which is the most common in Texas. F14, GREAT news, Albertos is on Davis in North Richland Hills right at the 820/183 split! Also in Grapevine there is a restaurant simply called Taqueria on 1709. Check 'em out super amazing and super authentic.

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            Thank You Sir! Next time I'm in that area I'll check them out. BTW Del Taco is here now, on Alta Mere south of the Naval Air Station. Also In-N-Out Burger, several in the DFW area.

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              Super familiar with Del Taco and there are 7 of them in the area now! Stoked! I know its not the best "mexican" food, but its where I grew up going after every little league game as a boy, so the nostalgia and familiarity seal the deal there for me every time! As for In-N-Out the same applies except I still think they have the best burger. Near my home there is a Del Taco and In-N-Out within 3 blocks of one another! Im in heaven!

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                It loosk like it might be a haul for you folks in Tarrant county but Mariana's taco Shop in Frisco will fit your bill. It is rather easy to miss just off Main Street and S 4th Street

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              Libr - 1709 is Southlake Blvd in Soutlake (west of 114), not Grapevine. In a round-about way, it runs into, ie becomes "Business 114" through Grapevine (east of Hwy 114). Do you recall which side of 114 it's on. I suspect you're referring to Taqueria Burritos Locos - is it in an old DQ style drive-in just west of Grapevine's Main Street?

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                You have got to be kidding me, I miss the whole 'berto's family taco shops. I'm leaving right now for a carne asada BURRITO. Thank you both for sharing, if like home (SD), this is more important to me than In-N-Out was (still is)

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                  Lib - I was in the area of 820 and 183 on saturady and decided to find the Alberto's and get me a carne asada burrito. I didn't find an Alberto's, but, I did find an Alvarado's just of 820 north on Davis on the right. Their carne asada burritos taste and are pretty close to the "Berto's" burritos. I think they need alittle more asada and cilantro. Overall they were great. "I Love Them". Every time I'm in the area I will go out of my way to get my fix.